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The Iron Mask | Plot, Cast, Release Date

The Iron Mask | Plot, Cast, Release Date

Basically, The Iron Mask is a sequel to the famous Russian fantasy film Viy (2014).
But more importantly, the sequel of the film features the famous action heroes from our childhood. Indeed, we are talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan.

In August 2019, the movie was released in China. In September 2019, the film was released in Russia. As for the US, the movie will release on April 10, 2020. In spite of only releasing in China and Russia, the movie has already grossed $14.1 million.

The Iron Mask Storyline

Both movies featured Jonathan Green who is an 18th-century cartographer and was played by Jason Flemyng. In the film’s sequel, Jonathan Green sets off on a journey from England to China. Cheng Lan played by Helen Yao accompanies Jonathan Green as a bodyguard. Contrary to what the trailer shows, Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger have smaller roles in Iron Mask. Jackie Chan (Master) is an elderly kung fu wizard and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Captain James Hook) is an English sea pirate. Captain James Hook is a collector and has a problem letting the Master use the weapon he has collected so far. Other stars include Charles Dance and Rutger Hauer.

The original title of this movie is “Viy 2: Journey to China” and will be distributed in the US by Universal Pictures. The Russian filmmaker Oleg Stepchenko directed both movies. However, it isn’t an original story. The 19th-century novella “Viy” by the author Nikolai Gogol was the inspiration behind this film. Particularly, the book was a horror story about a devilish creature with long eyelids. Whereas, Oleg Stepchenko made it something similar to Jumanji which resulted in a big hit in Russia. The previous film of the series grossed $34 million.

Watch the trailer of the Iron Mask here:

The Iron Mask