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Kelly Ripa faces backlash as she makes CoronaVirus joke

Kelly Ripa faces backlash as she makes CoronaVirus joke

Everywhere we look and go, we see and hear one thing – CoronaVirus. People have different reactions to this pandemic because every human being is different. Some are in their houses following every precautionary measure possible to not catch the virus.

Whereas others are filling their houses with all the essentials so that they can go through the next six months without having to leave their abode. But there is no denying one thing. Fear has grasped each one of us, but with varying degrees.

Kelly Ripa making fun of the virus

Humans being humans cannot go by without entertaining themselves. We have all seen some hilarious memes on the CoronaVirus as well. Because the meme-lords cannot possibly leave a chance of blessing the world with a meme that is so true for a moment. The 49-year-old American actress, dancer, and TV hostess, Kelly Ripa, also found herself in one such mood. She currently hosts the morning show “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. Unfortunately for her, the world wasn’t ready for it just yet.

In her funny take on the CoronaVirus pandemic, she chooses her doctor’s appointment as the perfect timing. Her Instagram stories show that she was visiting Dr. Robert Anolik. Kelly Ripa tells her followers that there is a serious problem going around that she and her doctor wants to talk about. Dr. Anolik joins in and calls it “Botox deficiency” and that its side effects entail wrinkles and lines.

Then she and her botox doctor assure the followers that they are following the protocols and he is avoiding touching her directly. Kelly Ripa then talks about how good the doctor is to come to work for her botox deficiency. Referring to the paper towel and hand sanitizer shortage, she makes a joke with the doctor by asking if is there any botox left or did we use it all.

Kelly Ripa, CoronaVirus