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K-Pop Stans Hijack Racist White Lives Matter Trends On Twitter!

K-Pop Stans Hijack Racist Trends On Twitter!

K-pop fans have taken over many racist trends on Twitter and Instagram, such as 'White Lives Matter' and 'White Out Wednesday' with fan cams and memes.

In the fight against racism and white supremacy, K-pop stans have also entered the ring. In the past few days, they have taken over the ‘White Lives Matter’ and ‘White Out Tuesday’ trends. By doing so, they have drowned out all the racist tweets intended to attack Black Lives Matter.

K-pop stans take over racist Twitter

It all started with a tweet by the Dallas PD, which asked the public for “video of illegal activity from the protests”. But, instead of receiving videos of protesters involved in illegal activity, K-pop stans flooded the replies with their fan cams. Here are some:

As soon as other K-pop stans saw this, they decided to play their part in the fight against racism. However, this time they went big. And by big, I mean that they completely flooded the ‘White Lives Matter’ and ‘White Out Wednesday’ racist trends on Twitter. They filled the hashtags with memes, fan cams, and messages of support for Black Lives Matter. Here is are some of the tweets:

But, they weren’t just limited to memes. K-pop stans further added fan cams to the trend, and with it spread positive messages of love for Black Lives Matter.

But, you’ll be mistaken if you think that they only took over Twitter. K-pop stans also managed to hijack the trends on Instagram. Here are some of the search results:

K-Pop Stans Hijack Racist Trends On Twitter!
K-Pop Stans Hijack Racist Trends On Twitter!

And this is how K-pop stans took over the White Lives Matter and White Out Wednesday trends. They did it to drown out any kind of racist arguments against the ongoing protests over George Floyd’s killing and Black Lives Matter. The trends #WhiteLivesMatter and #WhiteOutWednesday were meant to mimic #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackOutTuesday.

K-Pop stans might be divided over SHINee or BTS, but they used their collective power to side with the Black community all around the world in these difficult times.

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