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Justin Bieber Goes Bald After Shaving Head

The internet can just not stop celebrating that Justin Bieber has finally gotten a new hairdo as he goes bald by completely shaving his head.

After seeing Justin Bieber grow his hair into a disheveled mess, we finally got to see a new hairdo! By now, we are pretty much sure that Bieber likes to experiment with his hair a lot. And unfortunately, it does not always turn out very well. But finally, the internet is glad to know that the singer got rid of his long and overgrown hair. Although he previously vowed to not get a haircut, he did something more extreme by completely shaving his head. Surprisingly, he looks fine, and there is nothing to worry about!

Justin Bieber Experiments With Hair Again!

On Tuesday, Justin Bieber uploaded Instagram stories with a shaved head. And it came off as bit of a shock because a few months back, he announced that he was not cutting his hair. In May, he took to Instagram to shake and toss his long blonde hair back and forth. And captioned the video,

Long hair don’t care and my stash is gorgeous.

Later, in another selfie, he gave us a good look of how long and flowing his hair had become. And in fact, Justin Bieber teased everybody that he intended to keep the hair growth coming. He wrote on the picture that he was going to grow his hair long enough to touch his toes.

A few weeks before completely going bald, Justin Bieber got his hair trimmed together with his newlywed wife Hailey Baldwin. The couple appeared at Baldwin’s regular salon Cutler Salon in New York where Justin Bieber had his long mane cleaned up. And well, Hailey Baldwin stood by his side smiling happily. This is not the first time that Bieber went completely bald. In 2016, after wearing deadlocks, he got his head shaved as well.

When Bieber wore deadlocks, the hairdo was least appreciated by fans. And Justin Bieber knew it. But he posted on Instagram saying that being weird was fun. So, another time Bieber decided to go bald, and this time people are loving it considering that his hair previously looked awfully untidy!