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What! Stranger Things Was Going To Kill Eleven In Season One?

What! Stranger Things Was Going To Kill Eleven In Season One?

As fans anxiously await Stranger Things Season 3, the creators have teased them with some extra bits about the past seasons. And these facts are no less than astounding. If the idea is to decide who runs the engines for Netflix‘s Stranger Things, then it is not difficult to think about Millie Bobby Brown. This year, the child star scored an Emmy nod for the show in the best supporting actor category. And even when the story diverges its focus on its vast, glamorous ensemble, the audience cannot help but wonder about what is happening with Eleven.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven Was Supposed To Die In Season 1

It will be no exaggeration to call Millie Bobby Brown the mascot for Stranger Things. If we eventually learn that she won’t appear in Stranger Things Season 3, we probably won’t even watch the show anymore.  After all, she is the one who has practically gone to every length with her character to make it stand out. Her star power and popularity eventually became so profound that the makers had to circumvent their way around the planned initial arc for Millie Bobby Brown‘s character.

In their latest companion book, Stranger Things: World Turned Upside Down, the Duffer brothers stated that they had initially planned to kill Eleven and Steve Harrington in the first season.

In the book, Ross Duffer reveals.

“Eleven was going to sacrifice herself to save the day. But then we realized that the show was potentially going to go on longer than one season. We needed to; hence, leave it more up in the air. Because deep down we knew the show just wouldn’t really work without Eleven.”

Duffer also mentioned in his book that Millie Bobby Brown had worked wonders for Stranger Things in its inaugural season. The makers had realized how special she was for the show. And, that the show would not go anywhere without its beloved Eleven.

Stranger Things Originally Wanted To Kill Steve As Bad Guy

The makers had also planned to kill off Steve Harrington as the bad guy in Season one. But Joe Keery found such groundbreaking popularity for the show that the makers decide to work against the idea. We all should be quite thankful that we will see Steve reappear on Stranger Things Season 3.

In addition, the Duffer brothers also revealed a few more startling details. One of the most noteworthy mentions in the book is the real name for the Upside-Down. The makers tentatively had the name Nethers in mind. But later, they found that ‘Upside –Down’ would work as a more definite title for an alternate dimension. Moreover, the Stranger Things makers have also revealed that the original script for the pilot was called ‘Montauk.’

The Makers Had Also Planned To Kill Bob Newby A Lot Sooner

While the makers did retain Millie Bobby Brown and Joe Kerry on Stranger Things, another character wasn’t as lucky. There is no version of the Sci-Fi show where Bob Newby survives. His death sequence wasn’t revised, although the makers did push it to a later date. Bob Newby was ideally supposed to die a little sooner on the show. The creators’ credit actor Sean Astin, who played Bob Newby, for making them push the death scene forward. Sean Astin delivered a powerful performance on the show. And this captivated the makers to such lengths that they found themselves unable to execute a significant part early in the show. The makers had planned to kill off Bobby before by episode 4. But we did not see him dying until episode 8.

When do Stranger Things Season 3 Come Out?

The makers have mentioned wanting to keep Sean Astin for Stranger Things. But, instead, they found it better to allow him a noble way out. This explains the heroic yet devastating death of Bob Newby on Stranger Things. While Bob Newby lives in our hearts, Eleven and Steve will appear in Stranger Things Season 3.  Season 3 is set in the summer of 1985, and the show is slated to return next year in the same season.