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Justin Baldoni To Direct Romantic Movie 'It Ends With Us'

Justin Baldoni To Direct Movie ‘It Ends With Us’

After the massive success of Five Feet Apart, the director Justin Baldoni is working on another romantic movie entitled ‘It Ends With Us’. The movie is based on a romance novel by author Colleen Hoover. The whole movie project is going to be funded by Justin Baldoni’s own production company Wayfarer Entertainment.

The great news was shared by the actor and director on his own Instagram account:

Baldoni explained how excited he was to be working with the author on this movie project. He also revealed that she chose him to bring it on the screens.

It’s no surprise since Five Feet Apart grossed over $86 million dollars in the box office against just a $7 million dollar budget. The movie starring Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson soon became popular as well. In fact, celebrities such as Brent Rivera and Lili Reinhart voicing their love for it.

What More Do We Know About ‘It Ends With Us’

The story focuses on a young woman’s journey, Lily, as she battles an abusive relationship. The tagline thus reads,

Sometimes it is the one who loves you who hurts you the most.

We see her start her own successful business in Boston where she falls for a neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid. While she’s trying to figure out Ryle and have a relationship with him, Lily also has to deal with her ex Atlas Corrigan. It certainly seems like an interesting story that Justin Baldoni would surely do justice to when he brings it on the big screen.

Baldoni’s Journey to Becoming a Director

Justin Baldoni recently was just an actor, you may recognize him as Raphael Solano from Jane the Virgin. In 2012, he started a documentary series that showcased the lives of people living with terminal illnesses. The first documentary was ‘My Last Days: Meet Christopher Aiff’. It ultimately culminated to become a major TV Series Documentary My Last Days in 2016 which featured a YouTuber Claire Wineland. That led to Baldoni coming up with the idea of Five Feet Apart which was finally released this year.

The success of the movie would probably lead him to working on many more movie projects in the future. He’s already working on another documentary called ‘Laughing At My Nightmare’ along with adapting Colleen Hoover’s book ‘It Ends With Us’.