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Josh Richards & Bryce Hall are clapping back at Larray with a diss track!

Josh Richards and Bryce Hall recently got dragged, among many other influencers, in a lethal diss track, ‘Canceled‘, by Larray. It must be noted that most of the people that Larray mentioned in the track were his close friends. Josh and Bryce are still his friends and they shared that they can take a joke. After all, they even took part in the music video! But that doesn’t mean they won’t clap back with a diss track of their own.

How Larray dissed Josh and Bryce on ‘Canceled’

If you’ve heard the diss track ‘Canceled’, you would know how brutally Larray roasted Bryce Hall and Josh Richards.

He called them bullies for making a diss track on Chase Hudson:

Bryce and Josh tried to bully little Chase (Y’all weird)
Y’all makin’ diss tracks, let me put you in your place

Bryce and Josh did indeed make a diss track on Chase Hudson aka Lil Huddy:

sddefault Josh Richards

‘Still Softish’ was released when there was a feud between Josh Richards and Chase Hudson. Chase was hitting on Josh’s then-girlfriend Nessa Barrett while Chase was still in a relationship with Charli D’Amelio at the time.

Josh Richards shades Lil Huddy in the diss track:

‘Yo Bryce, this motherf*ckin man’s tried to DM my girl, bro
He tried to f*ck her
Lil’ f*cking hoodie or some sh*t’

There was a lot of talk about Lil Huddy’s private body parts as well:

Broke b*tch, broken a** nose b*tch
Small di*ck, still kinda softish

Hence, Larray got back at Bryce Hall on behalf of Chase Hudson by saying:

Let’s start off with Bryce Hall, yeah, he got some smelly b*lls

Addison Rae helps further roast Bryce

Larray also brought in Addison Rae to further shade Bryce Hall:

B*tch, I only know his name, ’cause Addison gave him fame

Plus, as Larray sings the following lines, Bryce Hall is looking down from a balcony as Addison Rae walks on the courtyard below:

I thought a b*tch who lost the baddest b*tch said sum’ (Sum’)

Bryce is the ‘bi*tch’ who lost Addison, in this case, ‘the baddest b*tch’.

That certainly would have hurt! Even if it’s all jokes and fun!

Bryce Hall and Josh Richards say that they aren’t actually offended

Of course, all these TikTok stars like to have a little fun now and then. Josh Richards shared in his ‘Tea talk’ episode that they don’t mind the diss track at all:

 You can’t expect to roast people, which we do, right. Making a joke out of a situation a 100%. Larray did the same thing. So, it’s like we as creators that make fun of people and like do that sh*t, we need to be able to be okay to take a joke.

Josh Richards also added that those who don’t take it as a joke are ‘kinda stupid’.

To which Bryce Hall added:

Same with Larray, he can take this constructive criticism.

The constructive criticism was Bryce Hall saying ‘f*ck you’ to Larray and showing him the finger.

But then they revealed some exciting news!

Bryce Hall and Josh Richards are gonna drop a diss track on Larray

Bryce Hall also chimed in with some interesting news:

Diss track coming soon back on you. Burnt.

Josh Richards adds in:

That’s what you’re gonna feel. Burnt. Maybe third degree.

Richards also says that if someone messes with a creator such as himself and Bryce, then it should be expected that they will respond.

Well, it looks like Larray is going to be hit with a big diss track! Will Bryce Hall and Josh Richards recruit their TikTok friends as well? We’ll have to wait and see!