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Josh Peck Is Not Friends With Drake Bell Anymore

Remember our childhood besties, Drake & Josh? Well, the versus exist between them now and they are not quite friends anymore. Their feud apparently started from a wedding invitation. In 2017, Josh Peck, the actor of the famous Nickelodeon sitcom, got married to Paige O’Brien. The issue stemmed from Josh not inviting Drake to his special event. Drake took this as a gesture of unloyalty and stormed on Twitter.

Josh Peck addresses the fight with Drake Bell on BFF’s podcast

Recently, Josh was invited to one of the episodes of Josh Richards & Dave Portnoy’s podcast “BFFs”. The Nickelodeon actor opened about the bad blood between him and Drake. First, he wished him well, later he spilled that friendship between both actors doesn’t exist anymore. He explained the reason why he had not invited Drake to his wedding by stating:

“The dirty little secret I guess was like, I knew that Drake and I didn’t stay in touch for the 10 years since we had made the show. Bu no one needed to know that.

Like, I was happy to just die with that secret that we made the thing that people really love but maybe we weren’t that close. So I didn’t invite him to my wedding because I hadn’t really talked to him in many many years

He also revealed that it was such an important day of his life but Drake kept on sending him texts and cursing him constantly. Furthermore, there were tweets by Drake as well which he later deleted. The tweet was:

“When you are not invited to the wedding the message is clear.”

Additionally, Josh Peck revealed that both stars met on MTV music video awards. Josh went up to Drake and asked him to apologize to his wife since she’s not a public figure like them and he ruined her wedding day. Drake apologized right there.

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Peck talks about Drake’s sexual abuse allegations

Josh Peck has also talked about allegations against Drake. Drake Bell was pleaded guilty to “charges of attempted child endangerment and disseminating matters harmful to juveniles”. When Peck was asked about this situation, he said:

“It’s upsetting and its unfortunate situation. It’s disappointing.”

The fans were not going to get a reboot of “Drake & Josh” anyway. However, if there was any chance of both stars collaborating together, it has totally diminished now.