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Hey Kate Middleton, Hilarie Burton Wants To Be Your Friend

Remember Hilarie Burton? Yes, the same blonde beauty from One Tree Hill and White Collar. The actress recently shared her wish to become friends with the Duchess of Cambridge. Yes, we’re talking about Kate Middleton. And Hilarie, you’re not alone. We’d all love to be friends with her. Though, you’ve got higher chances.

Hilarie Burton Wants to Strike a Friendship with Kate Middleton

The actress recently took to her Instagram to post a picture of herself. In the comments, one of the fans commented that she looked just like Kate Middleton. The fan wrote,

At first glance I thought you were Kate Middleton here! Too cute!

The fan wasn’t wrong though. Hilarie really does looks like the Duchess.

In reply to this fan comment, Hilarie Burton replied,

maybe I AM Kate Middleton!
In my dreams.
Can you guys just all like, tell her to be my friend?? We could brush each other’s hair and stuff while the kids watch Peppa Pig. Ugh, She’s so cool.

Hilarie, we’re just as fan struck of the Duchess as you. And we also love you just as much.

What Has the Actress Been Upto?

After One Tree Hill, Burton starred in numerous popular shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, White Collar, Extant, Hostages and Lethal Weapon. She’s currently working on 2 TV Movies: A Christmas Wish and The Christmas Contract.

Apart from that, the actress was recently busy marrying her boyfriend of 10 years with whom she already has two children with. Hilarie Burton married Jeffrey Dean Morgan on October 5th, 2019.

Kate Middleton and Prince William need to go on a family double date with Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Currently, the royal couple is visiting Pakistan for an official royal tour.

Perhaps, after the royal tour then?