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Josh Brolin Realizes His Dad Looks Like Christian Bale

The Thanos actor Josh Brolin has made a father's day post adding his father's picture next to Christian Bale's and the Batman actor does look like James Brolin's son.

The Thanos actor from Avengers Josh Brolin has made a Father’s Day Post on a much lighter note compared to the emotional ones we experienced on social media. In fact, he involved the Batman actor Christian Bale in it! Brolin shared a picture of his father next to Bale’s writing a whole paragraph on how much they resemble. With a whole paragraph of pretending to be the guy from the picture, Brolin admitted at the end that it was the wrong son.

Is Josh Brolin’s Father Related to Christian Bale?

For his Father’s Day Post, the Thanos actor has definitely made a mark. Brolin uploaded a picture of Christian Bale next to his own father James Brolin. In the caption, he pretended to be Bale who was on the left side adding that he really resembled his dad when he was at the same age back then. He commented on how similar the two looked in the photographs proving that they really were father and son.

Josh Brolin continued his joke appreciating his father for visiting him on the sets of Batman. Especially, since at that time he felt like he was not making the right decision. Brolin added that doing Empire of the Sun (also done by Bale) at a young age was also a bit of a question mark for him. But working together with Steven taught him a lot.

Josh added that he was really grateful that the two pictures had such an uncanny resemblance to one another. Josh Brolin wrapped up his Father’s Day Post claiming that he was lucky to resemble his dad. After all, he could also have ended up looking like his mother’s side of the family. The Thanos actor added his hashtag ‘Wait Wrong Son’ confirming that this was all indeed a joke. And he had been using Christian Bale’s picture next to James Brolin.