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Joaquin Phoenix | Heartbreaking Struggles Of The Upcoming Joker IRL

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We just heard the news that Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker got an 8-minutes standing ovation at its premiere in Venice. Joaquin Phoenix has worked so hard for this character he truly deserves such a long standing-ovation as well as an Oscar Nomination. (everyone is rooting for this nomination). Phoenix lost 52 pounds for the part, he also worked on his laughing style. However, losing all the weight in a short time span affected him. The upcoming movie shows a different and darker version of Joker. In reality, Joaquin Phoenix himself has spent a heartbreaking life.

Joaquin Phoenix | The Mysterious Actor

Phoenix is known to be an evasive and mysterious person. He has spent a life tougher than most. Even after having a rough start and a very uncommon childhood, Joaquin Phoenix still managed to change his life. He entered the entertainment industry at a very young age in 1982. During the period from 1982 and 1989, Phoenix did a number of TV series and movies. Before entering this life, Phoenix’s parents were members of an infamous cult ‘Children of God’. It is said that his parents left the cult when Joaquin Phoenix was 3-4 years old. However, it still affected his life. When his parents were members of the cult, they used to travel throughout Latin America. They did not have a proper source of income so the kids used to beg while the parents used to preach to earn some income. The surname ‘Phoenix’ was later picked by the family to start a new life, rising from the ashes. Their previous surname was ‘Bottom’.

River Phoenix & Start Of The Acting Career

During the Children of God days, Joaquin Phoenix’s older brother River Phoenix (deceased) defined their home as a rat-infested shack with no toilet. River Phoenix lost his virginity to other kids at the age of 4 as the cult encouraged sexual encounters regardless of age and relationship between both parties. However, after leaving the cult and changing their surnames, the parents got new jobs whereas the kids performed on the streets and at various talent shows. They were finally discovered by a Hollywood’s leading children agent who got all the Phoenix children into acting work.

River Phoenix’s untimely death affected Joaquin Phoenix’s life and he took a break from acting. As a kid, he used ‘Leaf Phoenix’ as his child actor name. After River’s death and the break from acting, Joaquin Phoenix returned to acting using his real name. He has played many successful roles in movies like Gladiator, 8MM, Signs, The Immigrant and Parenthood. His upcoming movie Joker is expected to break all the records.

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