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John Krasinski Prom With Jonas Brothers And Billie Eilish Was Lit

In order to celebrate prom, John Krasinski held a virtual prom on his channel, Some Good News, along with Billie Eilish and Jonas Brothers.

Although these are dark and trying times because of coronavirus pandemic, some good is still there. In order to bring positivity and happiness, John Krasinski held a virtual prom on his YouTube channel, Some Good News. He was joined by Billie Eilish and Jonas Brothers.

Few weeks ago, John Krasinski started his YouTube channel, Some Good News.

When he got sick of all the horrible news and devastating events due to coronavirus, John Krasinski got an idea. He decided to start his own YouTube channel, Some Good News. Just like the name, the channel focuses on heartwarming, inspiring and cheerful stories from all over the world. In the first, episode, he invited The Office star, Steve Carell and together, they celebrated the 15th anniversary of the show. Since then, John Krasinski has invited many celebrities and surprised a lot of fans including health workers. Along with his wife, Emily Blunt, Krasinski surprised some health workers with lifetime tickets for the Red Sox game.

John Krasinski, Billie Eilish

Recently, he held a virtual prom with Billie Eilish and Jonas Brothers

Since prom has been canceled this year, John Krasinski decided to arrange one for the kids. Along with Marli Odgers and her dad, he invited many of his celebrity friends to perform for the prom. He made sure to decorate his house with streamers, glow-sticks, balloons and a disco ball. Not only that, but the wall behind him also had a poster that read ‘Class of 2020’. His first guest of the night was Krasinski’s The Office co-star, Rainn Wilson. Wilson transformed into his character, Dwight Schrute and criticized John Krasinski. The party officially started when Chance the Rapper sang All We Got and the prom kids got their first surprise. However, it just got better and better from then on. Up next were the Jonas Brothers with their lockdown rendition of Sucker. Before the performance, Nick Jonas said:

“Since we never went to prom, and because we want to share this experience with everyone staying safe at home, we could potentially do one of our own songs… if that’s alright.”

Finally, Billie Eilish and her brother, Finneas, came on. The brother-sister duo sang Bad Guy along with a backing drummer. When asked about her prom experience, Eilish said:

“I have never really been to prom. I went to one home-school prom…. which, let me tell you, is not prom at all.”

John Krasinski, Billie Eilish

In the episode, we also saw glimpses of many kids dressed up for prom at their homes and danced with their families. Krasinski also gave thanks to the grocery store workers.