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Britney Spears Looks Stoned As She Dances In Her Sports Bra

Popstar Britney Spears has been very active on her social media during the quarantine. Posting yoga videos and then some, she is back again and has caught our limelight in the process. Telling the fans that she is bored, she is dancing on Instagram to entertain herself. The singer decides to wear her sports bras and nice little Nike shorts to demonstrate some sick dance moves. One bra in bright green and another in a pink shade, an apparently stoned Britney Spears posted two videos for her loyal fans to enjoy (or maybe learn from).

Britney Spears Looks Stoned With Her New Looks

Perhaps we all can agree on how ‘different’ she seems to appear with her newfound fashion sense. May it be her quarantine makeup, or something she likes to do. Regardless, she urges her fans “just be yourself” because “that’s really all we can be”. Wearing her smudgy and bold looking eyeliner, Britney Spears looks stoned as she twirls in her really ‘short’ shorts and a neon green sports bra.

Even Spears herself is unsure what version of the dance is she doing. Unsure if its hip hop, ballet or anything else, she finally calls it her version of the dance.

Later, almost 15 minutes later, we again see a seemingly stoned Britney Spears back on Instagram wearing a new sports bra with bluish shorts. The second clip seemed even more fun. The Hit Me Baby One More Time singer took the opportunity to set her huge living room to look like a stage as she performed to the tunes of George Michael. She was even lip-syncing the lyrics in a remote control she was holding.

In one of her recent videos, Britney Spears admits that she is bored due to being unable to leave the house.

“Don’t laugh at me getting the remote by the way …. I know it does look funny anyhow I haven’t had my hair done in a long time since we are social distancing so my hair is BAD ….. I will say it again BAD !!!!! Roots are ugghhhh but hey maybe I’m showing my dark side.”

So, are we going to continue seeing Britney Spears in her stoned makeup for the remainder of the quarantine lockdown?