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Jim Carrey & Ginger Gonzaga are Together No More!

Jim Carrey and girlfriend Ginger Gonzaga break up after less than a year of romance.

Star of the hit movies The Mask and Ace Ventura, Jim Carrey has reportedly broken up with girlfriend Ginger Gonzaga. The two have been seeing each other since January this year. The news of their breakup started surfacing a couple of days ago,  According to Us Weekly, the star of Truman Show and Dumb and Dumber has officially called it off with Ginger Gonzaga. Many other sources claim that the ex-husband of Jenny McCarthy is single yet again.

Jim Carrey and Ginger Gonzaga Love Life

The two first met up was while playing an on-screen love interest on the Showtime drama-comedy Kidding. They made their relationship official at the Showtime Golden Globes Nominees Celebration in West Hollywood on January the 5th. Jim Carrey and Ginger Gonzaga stepped out on the red carpet together, flaunting their love for each other.

The following day they were seen holding hands as they were headed into Beverly Hilton for the 76th Golden Globe Awards.

The Women in Carrey’s Life

Jim’s love life has been a roller coaster ride. He was married twice, initially to an actress Melissa Womer and then Dumb and Dumber co-star Lauren Holly. The marriage lasted a year.

When it comes to his dating life, Jenny McCarthy has to be the highlight. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy were together from 2005 till 2010 and their breakup was the most popular topic in the tabloids.

He also dated an Irish woman named Cathriona White. Tragically, she died of an overdose. It was suspected to be suicide death. Some sources claim that Jim Carrey was responsible for transmitting STDs to her and when they both came to know about it, Cathriona White went into severe depression and committed suicide. Her ex-husband and mother filed death lawsuits against Jim Carrey. The suit was dismissed though.

Apparently Jim Carrey Likes Solitude…When He’s Broken Up

It’s interesting how Jim Carrey has been seen saying that he prefers an isolated life and yet we see quite a few women entering and departing his life. He said this just a few months short of dating Ginger Gonzaga:

 You could describe my home life as an isolated life. I spend a lot of time by myself but I like being by myself, so it’s OK. That might be strange to some people, but I enjoy it.

Perhaps, Carrey was merely being philosophical. But it’s still interesting how he chooses to cope with his adventurous dating life.