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Jim Carrey Gives Monster Trump a Halloween Makeover

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The famous actor, comedian and artist- Jim Carrey has created hype again with his latest political cartoon of President Trump. This time he depicted Trump in a much more spooky manner, giving a scary Cyclops look. The Trump critic releases his monster horror look of Trump just in time for Halloween. Really, could it get any more interesting? In fact, the only thing more exciting than Carrey’s drawing is waiting for Trump to comment on it. But unfortunately, the Halloween holidays passed without a prick between the two.

Jim Carrey Releases Latest Trump Cartoon

For all those who believed that the President lacked vision previously, you ought to take a look at the latest political cartoon by Jim Carrey. The Halloween treat which came out on Wednesday depicts Trump as a grotesque cyclops. He has one eye which is glaring at his hands. Not just that, but his hands are reaching out in a threatening yet brilliantly spooky manner. To top it off, in the tweet that Jim Carrey made to release this cartoon, he added that some people are not pretending to be monsters. And with that, he wished his followers and the world a happy Halloween. Not so happy though because the cartoon of Trump is quite horrific!

Jim Carrey is a frequent critic of President Trump. This is certainly not the first time that the actor used his exceptional skills to mock Trump and his policies. Let’s just say that apart from this Halloween treat, the rest of his images have been nothing but painfully truthful and entertaining. Previously, one such design of his made it to the TIME cover when the immigration policies of separating families at the border were causing distress in the country. Time to time, Carrey has expressed his dislike for the US President. In fact, just a few days earlier he did the same in his acceptance speech at British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Let’s wait and see if Trump reacts to this:

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