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Best of Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Must Haves For Cosmetics Lovers

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is founded by one of the most popular makeup influencers, Jeffree Star. The makeup line features intense eye-shadow palettes, blinding highlighters, and funky liquid lipsticks. In fact, the brand is not just famous because of Star himself. The products are high-end and worth splurging on. Therefore, today, we list down some of the Jeffree Star cosmetics best-sellers.

The Best of Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Alien Eye-shadow Palette

Bright jewel tones, neon greens, and soft nude pastels, this alien-themed palette is highly pigmented with a super-rich color pay-off. The packaging is one of a kind; an alien-head shaped compact. How cool!

You get 18 shades of silky mattes and velvety metallic shimmers in the Alien Palette. The formula is one of the best you can find in an eye-shadow palette. Buttery, smooth, and zero fall-outs.

The Alien palette, in fact, is one of the best-selling products by Jeffree Star because of how expressive and bold it is, just like the influencer himself. If you’re into funky looks and are not afraid to experiment with colors, the Alien palette is just what you need. You can buy it for $53.

Velour Liquid Lipstick by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

The original best-sellers by Jeffree Star cosmetics were these liquid lipsticks. These lipsticks have a huge cult following, and the brand still releases more shades due to high demand.

Skin-tight, Mannequin, Posh Spice, Rose Matter Gemini, and Leo are some of the most loved shades. The full-size lipsticks are available but the mini bundles are a great deal if you want most shades in the collection.

The lipsticks are available in three different volumes which contain sets of different shades in mini-versions. You can get the most popular nude shades in the ‘Mini Nudes Bundle Volume 1’. For pink & red lovers, the Mini Red and Pink bundle are available. And lastly, the more playful artists can go for the Mini Blue Blood bundle. You can buy them for $18.

Blue Blood eye-shadow palette

Cool-toned matte blues, deep sea-greens, and smoky greys…this 18 color eye-shadow palette is another JSC favorite. You can create soft icy looks, and intensely blue ones using the best-selling Blue Blood palette.

The palette is very similar to the Blood Sugar palette in terms of formula and pigmentation. The only difference is the color range. So if you’re into green & blue, Jeffree’s Blue-Blood is the one for you.

Buy it from the Jeffree Star website for $52.

Skin Frost Highlighter by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

We all love a blinding glow in our favorite highlighters. That dazzling glass-skin that reflects beautifully is every makeup lover’s dream. And Jeffree Star truly made a best-seller when he came up with this Skin Frost Highlighter.

These are not just for the cheeks. You can apply them on your eyelids for a high-intensity shimmer or the body for a pretty shine. And there’s a huge range of shades to choose from. Mind Condition, Princess Cut, Peach Goddess, Ice Cold, and Dark Horse are some of our favorites.

You can buy the highlighter for $29.

Blood Sugar eyeshadow palette

Another palette that is worth every penny. The Blood Sugar palette is an 18 eye-shadow palette with bright pops of color and classic neutrals. The Blood Sugar palette mostly features hues of red, orange and brown that transition very well together. It also has a range of purples, mauve, lilac, burgundy.

Yet each shade is uniquely different than the other and the number of looks you can create are endless!

The palette is priced at $53.

Jaw-Breaker eye-shadow palette

This is, in fact, the biggest and most versatile eye-shadow palette by Jeffree Star cosmetics, featuring 24 shades. This palette has a color story that reminds one of the rainbows.

The colorful eye palette is a treat for exotic shade lovers. Moreover, it has the same intense pigment and buttery-soft formula as the previous best-sellers. The shades are in three finishes; mattes, shimmers, and metallics.

This palette is available for $58 on the Jeffree Star website.