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Jeremy Renner Loves Rocking With Snoop Dogg

Jeremy Renner and Snoop Dogg got together and we could not be happier. Will it be a collaboration for a music video or a TV cameo, only time will tell.

It is always interesting to see A-list celebrities rubbing shoulders and socializing. In a similar pleasant situation, two A-listers, Jeremy Renner and Snoop Dogg were seen rocking it together.

Jeremy Renner, Snoop Dogg

Not only is he a superstar in the music world, but Snoop Dogg is also a wondrous personality

While Snoop Dogg has been making music since 1993, he tried his hand in many business ventures. Not only is he an incredible rapper, but Dogg also has an impressive persona which makes him so lovable. From his trademark habit of smoking weed to his honesty about his past, Snoop Dogg has become a phenomenon. Recently, he collaborated with Wiz Khalifa on the song, ‘Young, Wild and Free’.

Similarly, Jeremy Renner will always be remembered as Hawkeye

On the other hand, Jeremy Renner has just said goodbye to his character, Hawkeye, in Avengers movies. Not only that, but his performance in ‘The Hurt Locker’ also got him an Oscar nomination. These days, he is working on a TV series based on his character, Hawkeye.

Recently, Jeremy Renner posted a picture with the music sensation

In an Instagram post, Renner shared a picture of himself and Dogg. In the caption, he asked the ultimate question which can be answered only one way. He asked:

Who wouldn’t rock with this dude?

He also added the hashtag ‘love this guy’ which is an understatement. In response to Jeremy Renner’s picture, fans posted hilarious comments. While one person commented, ‘epic couple’, another funnily commented on how stoned Dogg looked.

Although it is unclear as to why these two superstars got together, it might be a joint venture. Whether Renner will be appearing in one of Dogg’s music video or he might be making a cameo in Haweye TV series, we are not complaining!