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Jensen Ackles & Steve Carlson’s Radio Company Is Up For 2nd Album

Supernatural star, Jensen Ackles and fellow-musician Steve Carlson’s newly formed band, Radio Company released their debut album Vol.1 ! All songs are written by Carlson and Ackles themselves. The two have lived, traveled and worked together for a long time. Their music journey dates back to 15 years. The two had been writing songs and performing together throughout this period.

Earlier, Radio Company released a single ‘Sounds of Someday’ to give fans a glimpse of what was in store for them. The track was very well-received by fans. It also featured Supernatural‘s fourth episode of season 15.

Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson along with the talented musicians behind Radio Company shared their experiences, memories, and BTS-moments on Instagram. This sparked even more excitement and hype for the debut album.

Vol.1 ! by Radio Company

The entire album debuted Friday, November 8, 2019. Their music was loved instantly, and the album is already #2 on iTunes Top Albums Charts.

The band confirmed that volume 2 is already in the works too.

The genre of this album is an interesting mix of everything. There’s “soul, heavy rock, and some cool, laid-back stoner music” according to Ackles.

“As you listen through the album, you’ll notice it’s a pretty wide range of music styles,” Ackles told EW. “Steve was like, ‘This album is anywhere from Motown to Metallica.”

“It checked a lot of boxes for me. That was a better representation of us as songwriters and our music tastes because I like to listen to different stuff. And if I can listen to different stuff on the same album, then that would be great.”

Jensen Ackles, on his debut music album Vol.1 !

Top Picks from Radio Company’s Vol.1!

‘Cannonballs’ is one of the most exciting tracks from the album, a mix of soul & rock.

“It gives off that feeling of when you’re at a concert, right before the lights come on and the music blares You will want to groove to this one! If that is not enough, Jensen and Steve’s sultry singing in the verses will surely be the ear candy you are looking for.”  –Nerds and Beyond.

Jensen Ackles shares his sweet, romantic side with ‘All Our Own’ a beautiful love -ballad one can imagine slow-dancing to. The track is melodic, soothing and undoubtedly, one of the best ones in the album. The lyrics simply pull at your heart-strings, especially when Jensen sings, “I know I would rather be together alone… In a world, we can call our own…”.

Another hit track in the album is ‘Drowning’ where Jensen Ackles’ powerful vocal notes combine with emotional lyrics and strong instruments. The song is about loss and tragedy.

‘When I’m Down’ is a beautiful track about homesickness, melancholy, and belonging. It is classic rock with Jensen’s vocals, Steve’s music, and three background vocalists. The lyrics hit home, “When I’m feeling low, living far away, all I need is to be with the one I believe that will save me.”

It’s hard to pick a favorite considering how versatile the album is. In fact, each track has a unique genre, with its own story to tell.

The Supernatural star has now blown away with his vocals too. We are in love with Radio Company’s refreshing music! Listen to the album ASAP, it is definitely a treat for the ears.

Jensen Ackles & Steve Carlson’s Vol.2 ! is coming soon

Radio Company has confirmed that there will a second album coming out soon. In fact, Ackles & Carlson are already working on Volume 2 and hopefully, it will be out by next year.