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Logan Paul vs KSI 2 Turned into Vitaly vs Bradley Martyn

This Sunday, the Staples Centre hosted the much anticipated Logan Paul vs KSI re-match. The much-hyped event was promoted by Eddie Hearn. The likes of Justin Bieber were also present in Logan’s corner, alongside Jake Paul and TM (Cancelled podcast host). Youtube stars. Vitaly VitalyzdTV and Bradley Martyn were also present at the event. The two got into an altercation as we see in the video uploaded by Keemstar. The reasons are still unknown.

Logan Paul & KSI were Not the Only one’s Trading Blows

The hugely anticipated event came to (which ended in a draw last year), has a clear winner this time. The two met each other for the second time to settle the beef. Logan Paul vs KSI 2 was won by the Brit as he took 57-54, 56-55, 55-56 on the judges’ scorecards.

An incident outside the ring, however, became the center of attention as well. YouTube stars Vitaly and Bradley were seen trading blows in a Twitter post uploaded by Daniel ‘Keemstar’ Keem.

The two can be seen exchanging words before Zdorovetskiy pushed Bradley Martyn with full force. The American Fitness Guru and owner of Zoo Culture gym, Martyn,  responded with two heavy punches to the Russian’s face.

For a few moments. everyone’s attention was on these two individuals instead of Logan Paul and KSI. The action outside the ring came thick and fast. It took only a few seconds before they were seen hugging each other again.

The real reason behind the Vitaly-Bradley brawl at the Logan vs KSI re-match is still unknown. According to some sources, the Russian was ‘ON SOMETHING’ but it’s still just a rumor. Dankanator will keep you updated on the incident.