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Jennifer Garner Visits Migrant Shelter in New Mexico

Actress Jennifer Garner is getting political again as she spends time with children during her visit to the migrant shelter in New Mexico.

The popular actress Jennifer Garner is getting political again. We do know that she has a thing for charity- be it saving the environment or helping children in need. But this time, Garner has traveled to New Mexico to visit migrant shelters. Considering that she is a member of ‘Save the Children it’s no surprise that the actress was spending her time with migrant children in the shelter.

There is an emergency migrant shelter set up in New Mexico and reports have confirmed Garner’s presence there. On Wednesday, Deming Headlight said that the actress was present at the Southwestern New Mexico State Fairgrounds in Deming, New Mexico. Apparently, she was dedicating her time playing with migrant children at the shelter.

Jennifer Garner’s presence at the center has been confirmed by Luna County Detention Center Director Chris Brice who is managing the operations there. During a county meeting on Thursday, Brice acknowledged Garner’s visit. In fact, he even claimed that she was a member of Save The Children. This institute is a charity organization that seeks to help kids. Garner has also previously thanked Mark Shiver on his contributions to the same organization.

Garner is popular for her role in television series Alias. But other prominent works include Daredevil and its spinoff Elektra.