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Jennifer Garner Cares About Bees And So Should We

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The popular actress Jennifer Garner is blessing her Instagram feed with a positive message for the planet. While Garner is famous for her cooking tutorials and dog reading sessions, this time her theme is completely different. Instead of the usual, she is honoring bees and sharing some tips on saving them. She is clarifying the importance that the bees are to our planet.

Jennifer Garner Reminds Followers Everything That Bees Do For the World

In a recent Instagram video, Garner appeared wearing  a full beekeeper’s outfit and looking very calm. Apparently, she had befriended all the bees in the video. The 47-year-old actress reminded her 6.2 million followers that bees were a significant part of our life performing useful actions every day. She explained some of the most major duties that bees perform for us. In fact, without some of them, survival on the planet may become impossible.

While emphasizing the need to keep Earth pollinated, Jennifer Garner explained how it plays a major role in the production of food. She explained in the video that,

Most of what we eat has been pollinated, if it’s been grown, or, if it’s an animal, it eat’s what is pollinated.

She added in the caption that without bees, we would no longer be able to have blueberries, almonds, coffee, and even wine. She shared some statistics claiming that one in every three foods we have is pollinated by bees. After stressing on the importance of protecting bees, Jennifer Garner shared some tips for doing so. She encouraged people to stop using pesticides. Moreover, she urges everyone to plant more bee friendly flowers and putting out water for bees in small trays.

While closing her video message, Garner asked her followers to help in keeping the planet pollinated.

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