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Jeffree Star Shades Ariana Grande’s Makeup Brand R.E.M Beauty

So, we all know that Jeffree has been reviewing makeup products for a very long time. And his fans impatiently wait for his approval for the newly launched makeup brands and their products. And we do think that it’s about time that the YouTuber should make a separate category for such videos. Usually, these videos have the title “Is It Jeffree Star Approved?” with the makeup brand’s name which the beauty guru reviews. Though it’s been a very long time since Jeffree has reviewed any makeup products. The last makeup review video that he posted was about KVD‘s Good Apple Foundation. And it wasn’t Jeffree Star approved.

Jeffree Star is not happy with Arina Grande’s R.E.M Beauty Shipment Delay

The beauty guru goes on Instagram and shares that people have been asking him to review Ariana Grande‘s newly launched beauty line. Some of you might not know that Jeffree is a huge fan of Ariana. He was literally shattered when Ariana canceled one of her concerts in 2018 which the beauty guru was supposed to attend.

“About to check out Ariana Grande‘s makeup line and I am buying every single piece of it. We are going to compare it with a test, with un-bias and no feelings. And we are just going to see what it is. Because you know, half of these people are going to be lying.”

Jeffree literally bought every single thing from Ariana’s R.E.M beauty. And it cost him around $505.

“We all checked out Miss R.E.M Beauty. I got everything as there were so many requests to try it out. We are going to see if it is Jeffree Star approved or not.”

“The only thing which I don’t like is saying 14-day shipping. Ariana Grande, you should have a shipping fulfillment center and a lot of employees ready. So we will see how long it really takes to get to Wyoming.”

Uhh well!! She just launched her beauty line, Jeffree. Please go easy on her. I guess a delay in the shipment of packages is better than sending wrong or faulty products. Let us know what you guys think about Ariana’s R.E.M Beauty products and if you want us to do a product breakdown.