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Jeffree Star Hilarious Talk About His Personal Life

Jeffree Star, the famous YouTuber, just posted a video sharing more personal details of his dark life after Shane Dawson’s 5 part series of the secret life of Jeffree star came out. The makeup star was apprehensive about opening up about his life and of how the audience will react to Shane Dawson’s series but since the response was so positive, Jeffree decided to show more about his life.

A few days ago he tweeted this. Today, the video is out. It’s a very emotional video where Jeffree shares details he left out in the series. It was something Jeffree was clearly hiding for a very long time as the details will shock everyone. The 25 minutes video explores two topics in-depth: his self-harming and his relationship with his mom.

Self-harming to healing

Jeffree Star states that he was guilty of lying in Shane Dawson’s 5 part series because he said that he hasn’t cut himself in over 10 years. It was actually 4 years since he had cut himself. He already told us that 4 years ago he was in a very dark place in his life. His music career ended and he was bankrupt and the future was so uncertain.

He took everything he had to his makeup brand, not knowing what will happen. He spent days alone where he was misunderstood and hurt by others constantly. In the video, Jeffree says that he was at a point where he felt nothing and so hollow that he had to hurt himself just to feel something.

“I needed to hurt myself just to feel like I was even real”

He shares that after doing it for years on end there came a time when self-harm didn’t seem to make him feel better, just more hollow and lost. It was like a “sick game” in his that finally stopped. For anyone who’s been tempted to self-harm, it rings very true. It’s like a compulsion that’s so hard to remove. But He shares that one day it does go away and the agony does end.  He also encourages everyone to be okay to relapse at times because it’s a very human thing to do but he encourages everyone to work through it as he did.

He also talked about how talking about it with Shane Dawson helped him feel not alone and healed because he felt like Shane was someone that could relate to his own pain. After the fans shared their stories, he felt even less alone. He also sent a beautiful message of getting people to be more compassionate to those around them because you never know what battle someone is going through inside their heads.

His fractured relationship with his mother now

Jeffree Star then went on to talk about his fractured relationship with his mother and the fact that the woman we often see in Instagram posts is actually not his mother.

He shares that the woman is actually his aunt who was like a mother to him so he just called her that on the internet. When everyone started believing she was the mother, he just didn’t know how to correct it and went with it. It’s because of the fact that he had not spoken to his real mother in over 10 years.

He never got along with his real mother and had a lot of fights with her. The relationship, he shares, was very painful and hard for him all those years ago. Their personalities always used to clash with one another and Jeffree was always closed off so he says he can see why having a relationship with him was hard for his own mother. But after almost ten years, Jeffree got his mother’s number from a family member and called her.

He shares that he then tried to help her out and change her living conditions. It’s so heartwarming to see someone reconnect after years of no contact. Especially since they had such a painful relationship before. With it, Jeffree also gives us a beautiful message of not letting the past beat you down and of second chances.

Are there any new controversies regarding Jeffree Star’s life these days?

In a recent interview, you will find a lot of shocking details about the whole Jeffree Star Illuminati controversy that has been making rounds on the internet.

Last but not the least, Jeffree Star tweets show that he is currently enjoying his time in Paris and also attending the very popular Louis Vuitton fashion show.

That’s all we have in store for now. Let us know in the comments down below if you guys want to know about Jeffree Star’s dating life.