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Jeffree Star and James Charles Finally Swapped their Palettes for a Collaboration Video

With James Charles' morphe palette now out, and Jeffree Star with his new Alien palette, the duo decided to create a collaboration video where they swap their palettes.

Recently, the queens of the beauty community in Youtube both launched their new palettes. Jeffree star with his new Alien palette at the start of this month. And James Charles with his new morphe palette which sold out within just ten minutes of its launch! The duo are the major make-up vloggers on the platform, carving out a major name for themselves and having a massive fan base. Previously, they were involved in some feuds but since then the two have made up and are close friends of each other. Jeffree Star and James Charles have also done plenty of collaboration videos together where they do some make-up, have insightful conversations and of course spill some tea. Now, sister James Charles has finally created a Morphe palette, the fans desperately asked for a collaboration video. And so, they gave the people what they wanted. The duo discuss the hardships of creating a new product, some drama in the beauty community and their genuine friendship that we cherish so much.

Jeffree Star Helped James Charles With His Morphe Palette

James Charles opened up about how his friend, the queen of the make-up community himself, assisted James in ensuring the new product was a success. Since, Jeffree Star has a whole range of businesses and has ample experience in creating new make-up products, he graciously offered all his wisdom to the young make-up star making his way into the product side of the make-up industry.

“You were a super helpful friend and advocate for me in the whole process”

Jeffree chimed in saying he was so proud of James Charles’ morphe palette and that he really did outdo himself.

“It’s been so cool to see James think of it, create it, execute it, do the shoots and the ad campaigns everything”

Jeffree Offers Advice to Deal With All the Drama

James Charles had to deal with a lot of drama over the launch of his new Morphe palette. People had an issue that he didn’t disclose everything about the ingredients and the process. Though, James Charles made a video outlining his complete process. It was his first time so he had to add some press-pigmented shades but he didn’t add any extra ingredients. Moreover, in the video, even Jeffree Star says he has one press-pigmented shade in his Alien palette. Some shades just have to be press pigmented and possibly affect some people who have sensitive skin and eye-lids. But for majority of the time, it didn’t harm the skin generally. Jeffree Star says that when you’re successful, people often try to take that away from you by creating conspiracies and lies about you. Though, Jeffree says it’s all part of the game and there’s no one exempt from it.

However, one sage advice the make-up business mogul stated:

“When someone really has an issue, really hear them out and not get so offended or on the defense”

Jeffree Star’s Highlighter Story

Then Jeffree Star added in a personal business story to cement his advice. When he was first launching one of his new highlighters, people in the delivery dropped about 30 thousand units worth of highlighters. When the customers received it, they were all broken and messed up. But, when customers complained about it, Jeffree Star just went on the defense without investigating the matter properly. So, learning the hard way, Jeffree understood the importance of rationally listening to the complaints anyone makes. Because some of them might have genuine credibility.

The two further stated that they’re still close friends and respect each other immensely. Despite people always pitting them against each other, the bond between them remains as strong as ever.