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Is Varchie Really Endgame After Archie and Veronica Breakup on Riverdale?

Is Varchie Really Endgame After Archie and Veronica Breakup on Riverdale?

Archie and Veronica split up recently and Archie might already be moving on which raises the question if Varchie ship is really the endgame as Veronica claimed or is it the end of Varchie as we know it

Oh, Archiekins! I knew we were meant to be together since I saw you. Cue one of the hottest scenes in Riverdale. With many more to come.

That was the beginning of the roller coaster ride that has popularly become the Varchie ship on the show. The All-American football player and the rich girl. Seems like a match made in heaven. Except it all turned into hell.

Varchie History

It started innocently when all Veronica Lodge and Archie Andrews had to worry about was hurting Betty’s feelings. With Betty’s blessing, they both continued their relationship in Riverdale. However, everything took a turn for the worst when Veronica’s dad showed up. Hiram Lodge not only wreaked havoc on the town. He also manipulated Archie, abused his power, and did his best to break up Varchie. And he somewhat succeeded. In the beginning of the season 3, we saw Archie facing a murder trial. There was no doubt that Hiram had orchestrated the whole thing. He told Veronica that it was her he was punishing for going against him. Veronica did not give up. Not only did she manage to break Archie out of jail, she also had him pardoned. However, we saw Archie skipping town and breaking up with Veronica over the phone.

What does V say?

Well, as Veronica said, they are the endgame. Camila Mendes who plays Veronica also thinks so.

At the end of the day, I think Veronica understands that that decision had to be done, because Riverdale is a dangerous place for Archie. He can’t be there without dangerous things happening to him and the people he cares about, so for him, the best option is to leave at the moment.

She added to her statement,

I think Archie and I are going to fight for each other. There’s been a lot of love there and I think they’re—at least I can speak for Veronica, I think she’ll always love Archie and she’s gonna do whatever it takes to make it work.

We might believe what Camila is saying, but things are taking another turn on the show.

Archie the Infidel

One of the problems that I have always had with Archie is his actions. While the show desperately tries to convince us that Archie has a straight moral compass. He lacks resolve. He has fallen prey again and again to plots of the villains and proved gullible. This did not change in the episode this Friday. On the road, Archie and Jughead come across Laurie and Gracie Lake in a strange town. While Laurie shaved his stubble, the two shared a passionate kiss.

I mean what? ARCHIE!

Yes, the redhead devil did technically cheat on Veronica but damn it, you just broke up. Even Camila was a little heartbroken,

To be honest, when I read that I was a little shaken by it, I’m like, ‘OK, that was pretty fast, Archie! Way to go. Way to break my heart and move on.

She understands though as she told in an interview to Cosmo, because there might be more lying ahead for Veronica as well.

That girl, Laurie, she’s trouble. I think Archie just had a moment where he needed to be comforted by some romantic gesture, but I think he realizes after kissing her that it’s not really what he wanted and that he’s not ready.

Veronica Might Have a New Beau

Since Archie skipped town, she is going to stay strong. For now, her focus is her speakeasy. In the 7th episode, we saw her hosting a casino night. Right by her side was, Reggie Mantle. He has been helping Veronica launch her establishment since the start.

Now that Archie has cheated on the Varchie ship, will Veronica and Reggie be a thing?

Veggie is Happening

We were speculating. Camila Mendes has confirmed our suspicions; in the interview, she revealed,

“I mean, I don’t think that’s any secret. Veggie is something that’s been happening in the comics way before Riverdale. I think [show runner] Roberto always wanted to tell that story.”

It’s interesting to know that Veronica and Reggie are already a thing in Archie Comics. Moreover, Camila is dating Charles Melton who plays Reggie in real life.

What is Archie Up to?

When Archie is away, Veggie is going to happen. But where is Archie going? Well, we have a guess. It was revealed ahead of the season that Jughead’s mom and sister would be in this season. Gina Greshon will be playing Jughead’s mom Gladys and newcomer Trinity Likins. We will be meeting the mother-daughter duo in the mid-season finale. And more chaos to come, which Hiram Lodge has one word for. Biblical.