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Jeffree Star makes first public appearance after life threatening accident

Last month, the YouTuber, Jeffree Star, had a frightful accident when his car rolled over in Wyoming. Few hours after, a tweet was posted from his account, informing his fans about the accident and his injuries. However, it seems that Star is slowly recovering because he made his first public appearance this week.

While in Wyoming with his friend, Daniel Lucas, Jeffree Star got injured in a serious car accident.

It is reported that his car rolled over three times after hitting black ice. While Star was driving his Rolls Royce, his friend was in the passenger seat. Immediately after the accident, both Jeffree and his friend were hospitalized and treated for their severe injuries. Jeffree Star’s fans were informed via a tweet which stated that further updates will be given once the doctor gives more information. At the same time, it gratefully stated that they both were alive considering the severity of the accident.

Few weeks after the accident, Jeffree Star posted a video on his YouTube channel about the incident. While explaining the injuries, Jeffree said that his back is partially broken and he has to wear a back brace for a few weeks. While talking about Daniel, the beauty mogul mentioned his friend is a colon cancer survivor, and most of his injuries are internal. Jeffree also said that they almost lost their lives and the whole experience is one of the scariest thing ever. At the same time, he revealed the hate and backlash he received despite the serious accident. He mentioned:

“So many of our supporters and family and friends, obviously, were so concerned, had so much empathy, but I think we won the Guinness Book of World Records of most people telling us they wished we would have died.”

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After almost a month, he made his first public appearance and goes out for a drive.

Just a few weeks after being released from the hospital, Jeffree Star was seen out and about. Although he was still wearing the back brace, Star seemed to be in a good mood and had a little chat with the paparazzi. In the video, he is seen talking about feeling really good and doing amazing. At one point, the reporter asked him if Kanye reached out to him or not. This made Jeffree Star laugh and he said that Kanye did not contact him. Furthermore, he informed that although he still is wearing the brace, he has been cleared to drive. Talking about his future, Star said that the accident gave him a lot of time to reflect on various life choices. Additionally, he talked about making some major changes but did not reveal much.

It seems that the accident has been an eye-opener for Jeffree Star and we will be looking forward to see what changes he makes.