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Jeffree Star’s Ex-Boyfriend Jozea Rose Reacts to His Relationship news

So 2020 will become less toxic if content creators like Jozea Rose keep on spreading positivity. We all know when Jeffree Star posted a video ‘First Date Does My Makeup‘ on June 21st. Since then all the J-Star fans went to Jozea Rose’s Instagram and wrote hundreds of hateful comments. Such as ‘You’re only dating Jeffree for his money’. And you are doing it just for the sake of clout. Now, why an adult content creator, singer, TV host, model, and makeup artist would need money or clout? I fail to understand that but alas that’s what many fans thought.

How Jeffree Star and Jozea started seeing each other?

Jeffree randomly shared a couple of photos on his Instagram story with a mystery guy. And those same pictures were shared on mystery guy/Jozea’s Instagram. Then a couple of days later, Jeffree posted a video on his youtube.

Jeffree mentions in this youtube video that a lot of fans think ‘Jozea’ is the one who messaged him. But actually, Jeffree is the one who slid into Jozea’s DMs on Instagram. They liked each other and planned on spending some time together. Then the very next day they went out on a date. And Jozea settled back in Miami and got busy with the shooting of his upcoming video.

They both liked each other’s posts on Instagram. Jeffree didn’t have to go through the tough conversations. But a lot of his fans slit into Jozea’s DMs, his Instagram post and IG live. And said a lot of things which can put someone in a very bad mental state. But Jozea stood strong throughout. And dealt with everything like a champion.

And now the fans were bombarding him with questions again when Jeffree posted a picture with a mystery guy. Jozea posted a video on his Instagram and stated that he was not the new mystery guy as he doesn’t have any tattoos on his arms.

Jozea’s message to all the people tagging him in Jeffree’s post

So, Jozea posted a video to address the topic of Jeffree Star and his new mystery guy ‘Andre Marhold’. As fans were tagging Jozea in Jeffree’s recent post.

“Addressing the #jeffreestar topic. stop tagging me. it’s not me in the pic. i am happy for him and he’s a good friend.. have a great night.”

Right when Jozea posted this caption along with the video on his Instagram. Jeffree was the one who made the first comment.

‘I love you friend !!!!’

We all need to realize that both Jeffree and Jozea were not looking for anything serious. They wanted to have a really good time together and they did. So if Jeffree plans to move on, let him be. We don’t really have to hate and shade Jozea for anything because he doesn’t deserve it.

To end things on a lighter note, Jozea just posted another video on his Instagram and said

“So I was just thinking I haven’t had a bae in a very very very long time. Bae where you at, what’s good? Hit me up”

Peace out!