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Jared Leto knows the big secret about Rick Deckard from Blade Runner!

Jared Leto knows the big secret about Rick Deckard from Blade Runner!

Jared Leto, who played the role of Niandar Wallace in Blade Runner 2049, knows the big secret about Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard!

For decades, this one question has been haunting Blade Runner fans – is Rick Deckard a replicant? This question has sparked countless debates, YouTube videos, subreddits, and Twitter threads, but to no avail. Furthermore, the production team is not just silent on the issue but pretty much divided as well, with each one having a different opinion. However, it looks like Jared Leto has cracked the code and is the only person who knows this big secret.

Jared Leto knows if Rick Deckard is a replicant or not!

Jared Leto knows the big secret about Rick Deckard from Blade Runner!
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While talking to GQ, Leto talked about the most iconic roles that he has ever played in movies. One of them is without a doubt Niander Wallace from Blader Runner 2049. However, he revealed that he knows a great more deal than almost any fan on Earth. He knows the true nature of Rick Deckard, the main protagonist in the original Blade Runner! He said:

There are two movies now where I know the answer and nobody else does. Denis [Villeneuve] told me on ‘Blade Runner’ that because I look inside of Harrison Ford’s mind, I’m the only one who knows if he is a replicant or not. So he said that I can decide, so I have that secret, and now on [‘The Little Things’] I have this secret to carry as well.

However, Jared Leto did not reveal the secret and it still lives with him. Maybe someday we may get to hear from him about the big question. Other than that, Leto did enjoy working with Harrison Ford a lot, saying:

We finished up the scene. Long shoot day. Very intense… we did the scene a bunch of times. We’re finished up and they shuffled me off to the side, the AD did. I was standing there alone and someone comes up to me and wraps their arms around me and gives me this huge hug. A very emotional hug… it felt like there were tears flowing. It was Harrison Ford, it was a special and beautiful moment. I think that he went somewhere really special in that scene and I was so happy to be there with him as he was putting such great work on the screen.

The future

Leto loved working with Denis Villeneuve so much on the sequel that he would love to feature in a sequel for Blade Runner 2049. That might be a bit difficult, especially in the times of COVID, but one can never be sure. Until then, we’re waiting to see Jared Leto’s Joker return in DC with Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut.