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Is Kylie Jenner Pregnant With Baby No. 2?

From what appears to be a latest Instagram post, Kylie Jenner might have teased being pregnant and planning baby no. 2 with Travis Scott.

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has spiked some excitement on Instagram. Considering that just like rest of the lot, Kylie Jenner is habitual of attracting public attention, it comes off as no surprise. But things will definitely get much more interesting if any part of this speculation actually holds true. Kylie along with her partner Travis Scott has sent out pregnancy rumors for the second time. Previously, the two already share a baby daughter named Stormi together who very recently turned one. But is the couple who is rumored to have been secretly married already planning on baby no. 2? Or was Kylie referring to something else with her suspicious Instagram post?

Is Kylie Jenner Really Pregnant With Baby No. 2?

Well, we can’t really say that for sure. But Jenner herself sparked pregnancy rumors with an Instagram post. Posing together with her boyfriend or ‘hubby’ as she refers to him in her own posts, Kylie added a picture with Travis Scott. And captioned it saying ‘Baby no. 2?’

Immediately, the comments section exploded with thrilled fans wishing the beauty mogul congratulations. Others expressed themselves saying that the two made very cute babies so they should definitely have another one. Some fans even responded to her baby no. 2 question saying yes while some resorted to questioning if she was pregnant another time. However, Kylie responded to one such comment denying the possibility of pregnancy.

What’s The Real Story With Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy?

Well, if Kylie does not want us to know that she’s expecting another baby, we probably won’t. After all, despite being so much of a celebrity figure, she kept her first pregnancy with Baby Stormi a secret for a very long time. Although we had numerous speculations going on, it was only confirmed when the young reality television personality decided to reveal it on camera. So undoubtedly, Kylie is good at hiding her important news, and who knows how long before something about baby no. 2 is actually confirmed.

But let’s take a moment and see if Kylie could have meant something else here. Jenner already has one baby. So, could she be referring to Travis Scott as her second baby? Well, that’s a theory popular in some fans in the comments section of her post. But others are still conflicted arguing that she wouldn’t have added the question mark if this really was the case.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have been dating since 2017. Kylie who is a star on reality television show Keeping Up With the Kardashians has often made posts that convince people that the two are secretly married. Other than having her own TV show, Kylie is also the owner of her multi-million dollar company Kylie Cosmetics. And in fact, she even made it to the Forbes list of youngest billionaires. 

Travis Scott is an American rapper most popular for his albums like Astroworld and Rodeo. Now that Scott has agreed to do the Superbowl performance, he has been in much of a conflicted position. Plus, with Scott busy in Superbowl, did he actually have time to get his girlfriend pregnant again?