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Kat Graham inspires many with her Pride Speech!

Kat Graham inspires many with her Pride Speech!

The Vampire Diaries ever so inspiring Salem Witch, Bonnie Bennet, is surely no less selfless off the screens. Kat Graham is a popular advocate for the right of all human beings. Her work as a United Nations Ambassador and humanitarian is so amazing. She took an active part in the recent Black Lives Matter protests after the George Floyd murder. However, just as one may start to see how her work for fellow human beings knows no bounds, she gives one the most enlightening and inspiring speeches ever. Her talk with her LGBTQ+ fans and other viewers surely was one to remember. One may even say that Kat Graham herself became a highlight of this Pride Month with her speech.

Kat Graham inspires many with her Pride Month speech.

This Pride, as you know, is different than any other pride in history.

In her speech for the Global Pride 2020, the Cut Throat City star talks about how this year’s pride is different. She calls upon her fans to join hands as they all get through the Pandemic and Racism Protests. Kat Graham empathetically brings up all that we are going through this Pride Month in her speech.

We are dealing with a Global Pandemic that has prevented festivals internationally from happening. During a time when we would be waving our flags in the street, many of us are now holding picket signs, demanding an end to systematic racism and police brutality.

She encourages followers and listeners to not forget to celebrate all the progress the LGBTQ+ community has made little by little. Also, She introduces her best friend and a Trans Latina Activist, Alissah. She supports her as she takes two steps further into the world of pop music. Kat Graham also goes on to say in her Pride speech how she stands with the trans-black lives that were taken. She names Tony Mcdade and Nina Pop showing her solidarity to their unjust killings. She also says that she is proud of the UN Refugees Agency who is protecting so many of the LGBTQ+ Community. These refugees have to literally run for their lives in the middle of the Global Health Pandemic i.e. COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2).

Kat Graham inspires her fans as she asks a favor of them in her Pride Speech.

During this pride, I ask, that we celebrate their (the refugees) courage and everyone else’s courage as we fight against inequality.