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Asa Butterfield Slams Nintendo For Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online Lag

Asa Butterfield Slams Nintendo For Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online Lag

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate community had it gears ready for an online competition. But with the game’s various network issues and bugs coming into view, a wave of rage has set in replacing the competitive enthusiasm. The predominant problems, including input delay, frame imprecision, and general lag are on the fore with top players like Leonardo ‘MkLeo’ Lopez, Gonzalo ‘ZeRo’ Berrios, and Tyler ‘Marss’ Martins complaining about the situation. Now, the Sex Education star Asa Butterfield has also joined suite. The actor, who is winning hearts for his performance in Sex Education Season  2, took to Twitter to urge Nintendo to fix Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Asa Butterfield Wants Nintendo To Fix Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic, celebrities have turned to gaming for leisure (Think Brie Larson and Animal Crossing). But Sex Education actor Asa Butterfield is no stranger to the gaming scene. Butterfield is a competitive Nintendo player who took part in the 2017 Nintendo World Championships. His niche, however, is Super Smash Bros He has signed up for the e-sports team Panda Global as ‘Stimpy’ for the competitive scene. In fact, Butterfield played as Stimpy in Genesis 6.

Butterfield is now backing the Smash community in building pressure on Nintendo to fix Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online. He has called out the video-game company, demanding them to make quick amends.

Butterfield also quoted community messages in a series of tweets on his feed.

Slams Virgin Media

During the Super Smash row, Asa Butterfield also vented some anger at Virgin Media for slow broadband speed. His Twitter followers rallied behind him, acknowledging Butterfield as their unanimous voice against Virgin Media.

Asa Butterfield Joins Alexander Vlahos For A Special Segment

The Sex Education Season 2 star recently featured as the first guest on Alexander Vlahos’ new live Q/A segment Alex Asks. The host and the interviewee enjoyed each others’ company as they have been friends since ‘Merlin’ days. Alexander Vlahos had stepped into Butterfield’s Modred’s shoes for Merlin part five (2012); Butterfield had played the role for the first two parts.

The actors even joked about the replacement while announcing the segment.