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How are Winners Selected at the Grammy Awards

How are Winners Selected at the Grammy Awards

There's a long process behind choosing the honorable winners at the Grammy Awards, and here's how they actually do it.

Have you ever wondered how every year at the annual Grammy Awards, we get to see our honorable winners? Well, probably almost everyone has. So, let’s pay attention to see how unfolds. The screening, nominating and voting processes are meticulous. And let’s take a look around at what they really do to match all this hype!

The entire process begins with members and record companies submitting their entries.  The entries then go through a process of screening, checking their eligibility and category placement. All Academy voting members take a part in all processes. And that includes everything beginning from the creative to the technical processes of recording. Moving on, they participate in the nominating process of shortlisting five finalists in each category. Lastly, the Academy members finally vote to determine the Grammy Awards winners.

The Entire Process of Selecting Grammy Awards Winners…

Before everything, during the Eligibility year, Recording Academy members and record companies enter recordings and music videos. Apparently, these are the ones that they believe are most worthy of getting recognition. Once the record entries are submitted, the we move on to the next steps.

1. Screening

Almost 350 experts come together to make sure that all submitted entries fulfill the required specific qualifications. Moreover, they are divided into categories like Rock, Jazz, Rap, Country, Gospel, New Age, Classical, and Latin among others.

2. Nominating

To nominate, members receive first-round ballets in good standing dues. Members can only vote on categories in their expertise. Each member is allowed to vote on 15 categories as well as the four categories of the General Field (Record Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year, and Best New Artist.) Ballots again are tabulated by the independent accounting firm of Deloitte.

3. Final Voting

Final round ballets are once again sent to members in good dues standing. Almost all the rules for the first round of voting are applicable exactly in this one as well. Finalists chosen by the special nominating committees are also included.

4. Results

The actual ceremony if the Grammy Awards is when the members themselves find out who the winners are. The names of the winners are inside a sealed envelope. The members and the whole world finds out together in the Grammy Awards telecast.

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