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Jeffree Star Grateful for Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt

The beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star added an appreciation post for boyfriend Nathan Schwandt on Instagram saying he was grateful.

The beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star might seem like someone who picks up feuds and disses everyone. But looks like the man has got a much softer heart too. Star took to Instagram to make an appreciation post for his longtime boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. Although Star has not labeled a sexuality on himself, he does live together with Nathan. The couple has been dating for almost three years now, and Jeffree has been expressing his gratitude for having him in his life. Does that stand true for all times? Or does it have to do something in particular with the upcoming release of Jeffree Star’s Morphe Brushes collection?

Jeffree Star Uploads Instagram Appreciation Post for Nathan Schwandt

Makeup mogul Jeffree Star took to Instagram on Thursday to publicly appreciate his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. While uploading a picture with him, he added in the caption that he was forever grateful for having his soulmate along with him on this crazy incredible journey. In fact, he even wrote further that he was grateful for every moment that the two spend together. The picture seemed like it was taken on the sets of the shoot of the upcoming MorphexJeffreeStar collection. And well, maybe that’s the reason Star added this hashtag along with a camera sign in the caption.

Nathan Schwandt also uploaded a picture of himself from the same day while engrossed in eating a cotton candy. Apart from mentioning that he was a sweet tooth in the caption, Schwandt added the MorphexJeffreeStar hashtag teasing their upcoming collaborative collection.

Is Jeffree Star Actually ‘Gay’ or ‘Bisexual’?

Jeffree Star is probably living his best life while having pink dyed hair and a live-in boyfriend. But well, just because he is dating a guy, people should not jump to conclusions about his sexuality. The man is probably still looking to reject all labels. And believes in being who they as a person are. Previously, during his singing days, he has expressed frustration at being labelled gay just because he liked guys. During the early stages of his career, he might have referred to himself as gay. But now he believes that it was probably just taking the easy route.

Standing out to be as different as ever, Star claimed that he is attracted to both genders. And he has gone out with straight people and the transgender ones. He claimed that,

And even with all these new labels out there, I still am just like, ‘I’m Jeffree, and I’m attracted to whoever I want to be.’

Jeffree Star is a beauty YouTuber and the owner of huge cosmetics company which goes by the name Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He boasts 11 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. And apart from his iconic makeup videos and collabs, he is best known for his remarkable feuds with Kat Von D and Huda Kattan. Star has been dating Nathan Schwandt since 2016. Nathan is also associated with Jeffree Star Cosmetics and works in a warehouse for the brand. Although people accuse Nathan of being gay only for Star and being after him for money, the couple couldn’t cares less about what people think.

Jeffree Star who recently did a Gucci giveaway has so many things going on. Especially, with the launch of his new collection with Morphe Brushes.