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How To See Germs Spread-CoronaVirus (COVID-19)

How To See Germs Spread-CoronaVirus (COVID-19)

Seeing how the germs spread around us, especially amid the Coronavirus pandemic would be great. Everyone would be a lot more careful and get sick less often. YouTuber Mark Rober’s latest video will help you achieve just that with the help of Glo Germ powder. He also explains the importance of social distancing and why you have to wash your hands regularly.

Can you see the Germs and Viruses (Coronavirus)?


We can but not with the naked eye. These microscopic entities are just too small to spot with a human eye. It would be quite helpful if we could just see them move around us though. The next best thing would be to replicate how these viruses like CoronaVirus spread.

YouTuber Mark Rober conducted an experiment in a third-grade classroom. He uses a special fluorescent powder called Glo Germ for the test. Just like CoronaVirus, when it’s on the hands you can’t see it but unlike the real COVID-19 virus, it’s visible when exposed to black light. Also, Glo Germ transfers to things you touch, so its a good way to visualize how these microscopic organisms spread.


The Experiment

It starts with secretly applying the powder to the teacher’s hands who randomly shakes hands with three students. In the break, Mark infects another kid with the glowing powder. The idea behind the exercise is to see how something like CoronaVirus spreads across the classroom.

The results were quite shocking. Keep in mind that only the teacher and one student were infected. Just two hours later, traces of the virus or in this case the glowing powder, could be seen across the room. Desks, chairs, doorknobs, stationary and faces of other students were all infected within two hours.

Such a setting is a haven for something like Coronavirus. Once the COVID-19 virus reaches your hands and face, it doesn’t take long before it enters your body through the nose, eyes or mouth and infects you.

How to Stay Safe from Coronavirus?

WASH YOUR HANDS and rely on social distancing. That is your best defense against SARS-CoV-2 or any other virus. Mark Rober’s experiment also suggests that social distancing and keeping the hands clean will reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

The lesson learned from this video is truly an eye-opener and something that needs to be understood as soon as possible. This fight against the pandemic starts at home. Dankanator will keep you posted with the latest Coronavirus updates.