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Kylie Jenner In Quarantine Is Changing Her Skin Tone?

While living in quarantine, we know how helpful it is to learn a new skill or two, but what kind of magic is Kylie Jenner doing? The supermodel is all over the internet for her striking skin tone change in quarantine as she steps out from her house to get some craving snacks. Thanks to paparazzi taking her photos in her pajamas, we also got to see the very noticeable change in her appearance. Her unfiltered no-makeup look is something that has caught everyone’s attention.

Kylie Jenner Looking Different In Quarantine

Kylie Jenner stepped out of her home in Beverly Hills wearing absolutely no make-up. Now, this is not one of those no make-up looks, mind you all, this is the absolute version of it. Wearing her hear up in a knot, she stepped out of her car barefoot, no socks or shoes, to meet her friend.

This might be the only time Kylie Jenner has been seen out in public during the quarantine. In the past, she has urged her audience to take social distancing seriously and practice self-quarantine. However, her serious practice to stay away from the pandemic seems to be changing her in different ways. Take a look at her new and very casual appearance:

If you guys need something to compare against, then perhaps the next tweet will make you mark the difference:

While some people think that her ‘new’ appearance is cute, others point finger at Kylie Jenner for potentially ‘blackfishing’. Just as a reminder, this is when a person tries to appear black with makeup. Take a look at this comment:

Unfortunately, this accusation is something the Kardashian-Jenner family carries for a long time. Some people see Kylie Jenner having a fair skin tone, and her pictures in quarantine might have reignited that debate yet again.