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Hollywood reacts to Donald Trump not condemning White Supremacists

In the first Presidential Debate, Donald Trump did not condemn the white supremacist group "Proud Boys" when asked. Here's how Hollywood reacted.

So, the whole of the United States just saw the first Presidential Debate of the 2020 US Elections. President Donald Trump and Joe Biden came face to face for the first out of three times before the decider in November. But, Trump did something that has raised the eyebrows of millions of Americans. He refused to condemn white supremacists and militia groups when asked by moderator Chris Wallace to do so. Wallace specifically mentioned a white supremacist group named “Proud Boys”. But, instead of condemning them, Trump said “Proud Boys”, ‘stand down and stand by’. Now, Hollywood celebrities are reacting to this shocking news on Twitter and other social media outlets.

Before we see how Hollywood reacted to it, see for yourself the portion of the debate where Donald Trump dodged the chance to condemns white supremacists:

Hollywood, White Supremacists

Hollywood reacts to Trump not condemning white supremacists

After the debate, a number of well renowned Hollywood celebrities publically called out Trump for being a neo-nazi and racist. Alyssa Milano, who has been one of Trump’s biggest critics and Biden’s biggest supporters, said that not denouncing white supremacy makes you racist. She tweeted:

Furthermore, another prominent figure in Hollywood, Ava DuVernay, tweeted that if you still support Donald Trump, then you are de facto standing by white supremacists. She also tweeted that if this debate did not make sure to every non-white American that they have to go into “overdrive to toss his a*s,” then they “may actually deserve what happens next”:

Moreover, actors that belong to Hollywood’s biggest franchise yet, the MCU, also condemned Donald Trump openly. As expected, climate activist Mark Ruffalo had the loudest voice among MCU actors in calling out Trump. He tweeted that the US has a “nazi problem” and that he wants to live in the country where the President is “not afraid to call white supremacists and Nazis racists thugs”.

Finally, actor and comedian Josh Gad arguably had the loudest of all the voices among Hollywood celebrities who called out Donald Trump for not condemning white supremacists. It was a particularly sensitive topic for Gad because of his Jewish heritage and the fact that he lost relatives in the Holocaust. Because of that, he was rightfully furious at the President’s refusal to condemn white supremacists and neo-nazis. He tweeted:

P!nk, Stephen Curry, Chance the Rapper, Mindy Kailing, and other Hollywood celebrities also condemn Donald Trump

P!nk was especially outraged at Trump. She was incessant on voting the President out of office after Donald Trump refused to denounce white supremacy. She also tweeted that she is “so ashamed that we’ve lowered ourselves to even consider another term for this shameful loser”.

Moreover, Chance the Rapper, Stephen Curry, and Mindy Kailing also condemned Trump. Curry was especially appalled by the words “stand back and stand by”. Moreover, Jon Favreau also tweeted against Trump. However, we’re not talking about Happy from the MCU’s Iron Man films. We’re talking about the host of the Pod Save America Podcast.

A literal dictionary also condemned the President

If you thought that the outrage only came from Hollywood celebrities, then you thought wrong. You know Merriam-Webster, right? We have all had one of their dictionaries in our bookshelves. Well, their official Twitter account also tweeted, differentiating between the meaning of “stand back” and “stand by”:

Hollywood celebrities and a lot of the United States is baffled by what Trump refused to say. And it is especially concerning after the Black Lives Matter movement held protests across the globe in the wake of George Floyd’s killing. Racism was the biggest topic in the US in summers, despite COVID-19. This will indeed play a role in the outcome of the elections and sends a strong message out to neo-nazis, white supremacists, and racists that Trump might be on their side. You can watch the complete debate here:

Hollywood, White Supremacists