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Ryan Reynolds really wants you to Vote in this Election!

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Hollywood stars are regularly using their platform and fanbase to encourage people to vote. And now, Ryan Reynolds also joined the list. The Deadpool star took time out of his busy schedule to encourage his American fans to vote in the upcoming US Presidential elections and to register their vote as well. He did so on the National Registration Day, a day aimed to increase voter turnout in the upcoming elections.

Ryan Reynolds really wants you to Vote in this Election!
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Ryan Reynolds went to Instagram and shared a video to his followers, reminding them that:

“I’m sitting here on set; I had a little break, thought I’d make a video and let you know it’s Voter Registration Day. Which is a huge day. For me, it’s like Christmas Day, the Christmas Day of voting. Except what’s under the tree is the rest of our lives. So, no pressure.”

You can watch Reynolds’ full video below:

Why Ryan Reynolds is encouraging people to vote

Moreover, this message by Ryan Reynolds holds a lot of significance because of how voting is in the United States. The US has one of the lowest voter turnouts in the developed world, with 55% turnout back in the 2016 Presidential Elections. And the turnouts are even lower in an off-cycle election (when the Presidency is not up for election).

Furthermore, voters often have to face a lot of institutional barriers as well before they’re able to vote. Major political parties that are in power especially use tactics to disenfranchise voters who are likely to vote against them. However, these issues only get highlighted during the Election year, and not the rest of the time by both Republicans and Democrats. Even though Ryan Reynolds is Canadian, he understands the importance of the US election and how important it is not just for America, but for the rest of the world too. Therefore, Reynolds’ video message was important, as non-profit organizations campaigning for voter registration sends out a positive message among the voters.

If you still have to register to vote for the 2020 US Elections, to go to https://vote.org and get registered before the deadline in your state. Your country, the world, and Deadpool depends on it.

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