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Corinna Kopf copies Rihanna, gets backlash for wearing ‘Think while it’s legal’ t-shirt

After Rihanna, Corinna Kopf wore the Think While Its Still Legal t-shirt. Similarly, she also received backlash and hate for it.

Although Corinna Kopf has a controversial presence on YouTube, she still finds ways to get attention. Recently, she wore the same t-shirt as Rihanna, which said: “Think While It’s Still Legal.” However, it did not sit well with people. Shortly after, people slammed her for copying RiRi and the t-shirt. However, it seems that Kopf is unbothered. At the same time, she declared that she would love to be the most hated person on the internet. Similarly, she also made statements against the vaccine in the past.

A few weeks back, Rihanna got backlash for wearing a statement t-shirt.

While recording for the Savage x Fenty show, RiRi was spotted wearing Vetements’ Fall/Winter 2021 collection. Similarly, Corinna Kopf also wore the same shirt in a photo she shared on social media. On the t-shirt, there was a statement that sent people into a frenzy. It read, “Think While It’s Still Legal.” Shortly after, people started to bash her for being an anti-vaxxer and Trump supporter. According to many, she expressed similar sentiments as Nicki Minaj. To attend MET Gala, it was a compulsion to be fully vaccinated. However, Minaj refused to get the vaccine to attend the gala and claimed that she would do her own research. At the same time, she shared a crazy story about her cousin’s friend. Despite the backlash, Rihanna remained unfazed.

Recently, Corinna Kopf shared a picture of herself wearing a similar shirt to Rihanna.

In a recent picture she posted on Twitter, Corinna Kopf is wearing a “Think While It’s Still Legal” t-shirt. Shortly after, she started getting backlash from people claiming she was copying Rihanna. In the past, Corinna Kopf has shared her opinions against the vaccine. At the same time, she proudly posted that she would love to be the most hated person on the Internet. This is not the first time a Vlog Squad member has shared controversial views. Since 2015, Corinna Kopf has been a part of David Dobrik and his YouTuber friends’ gang. Similarly, she has appeared in several of his videos where she kisses the members of Vlog Squad. At the same time, Kopf frequently makes s**ual jokes about her relationships. However, people criticized her this time for making statements about sensitive topics.

After Corinna Kopf’s picture went viral, people slammed her

From criticizing her for the t-shirt to her views about the vaccine, people did not hold back. According to one Instagram user:

Corinna Kopf literally voted for Trump. maybe she was joking but it was in an old David vlog

Meanwhile, another user thought she was copying Rihanna.

She wanna be Rihanna?? Lol who is this person?

On the other hand, Twitter users bashed Corinna Kopf for her anti-vaxxer views.

Furthermore, few people came at her for the controversial political statement.

As Corinna Kopf wanted to be the most hated person on the internet, it seems her wish has come true.