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Gerard Butler was Not Confident about Zack Snyder's '300'

Gerard Butler was Not Confident about Zack Snyder’s ‘300’

Actor Gerard Butler, who played the role of Leonidas in Zack Snyder's '300', believed initially that the movie was "going to suck".

When we think of 300, a ton of memes and the incredible slow-motion shots of the movie pop up in our minds. But to sum it up, all our perceptions of the movie are overwhelmingly positive. Moreover, it also announced the arrival of Zack Snyder among the names of Hollywood elites. However, that’s not what 300 star Gerard Butler thought. As the movie was being shot, Butler was afraid that the movie was “going to suck”.

Gerard Butler initially thought 300 was doomed to fail

Gerard Butler was Not Confident about Zack Snyder's '300'
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While talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Butler admitted he was not all too confident while shooting the film. He said:

There were times you would walk around in your red cape and little leather underpants, and someone would point at nothing and say, ‘Look! A burning village!’ And I remember going, ‘Oh my God. This movie’s going to suck.’

However, all his doubts about the movie faded away immediately after he witnessed the final version with the CGI magic. And simply said, Gerrard Butler was awestruck. He said:

When I first saw the final product, I was with 13 of my representatives and friends, and our jaws were dropping. It was like, ‘Look at what Zack did!’ I can’t speak highly enough about him. As a director, as a creative, as a kind, excited, passionate guy.

His first meeting with Zack Snyder

Moreover, Butler also described his first with Zack Snyder for 300 in a very interesting manner. The two bonded immediately after the director excitedly jumped up and down at Butler’s ‘Sparta walk’, “like a whirlwind”. He said:

I came in like a force of nature, but I was met with an equal force of nature… We bonded from the start.

After 300, Zack Snyder went to have a lucrative career in other movies as well. Although he initially received a lot of criticism for Batman v Superman, his final work with Warner Bros. in the Snyder cut of Justice League pretty much exonerated him in the eyes of fans. On the other hand, Gerard Butler’s “Spartaaaaa” moment made for some of the best memes in the past decade. Even though the sequel, 300: Rise of Empire didn’t do that well, it did not taint the original film’s legacy at all.