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The fate of Nairobi - La Casa de Papel Part 4

The fate of Nairobi – La Casa de Papel Part 4

The Spanish dubbed Netflix Series, La Casa De Papel or Money Heist is quite a roller coaster. With a group of robbers who have a larger than life plan under the wing of El Professor (Álvaro Morte), there seems to be a lot going on. They aired part 4 or season 4 of the show just this past week and to say it was a shocker would be an understatement. La Casa De Papel has a habit of keeping fans on the edge of their seats. And they have done it again this time. Over the last three seasons, we have come to fall in love with some of the original gang. And losing them has come as just as big a shock every time. Now, if you remember, at the end of Part 3, Nairobi (Alba Flores) is shot and bleeding to death.

Here’s what happens to her in Part 4. Caution: If you haven’t watched the series but plan to, there’s a ton of spoilers ahead.

The Fate of Nairobi – Alba Flores’s future on Money Heist

So at the start of the season, Nairobi was on the verge of dying due to the bullet shot. And all for the entire year, viewers have waited to know what happens. Luckily, Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) saved the day. She literally had them perform surgery through a line. However, with the events of the season, we come to realize it was all in vain.

Enter José Manuel Poga. The Spanish actor plays Gandía on the show. At the time little did they all realize that Gandía was not right in the head. Let alone stable. Almost halfway through the season, we find him locking Tokyo up in the bank’s panic room. And soon, he takes Nairobi hostage. The team, unknowing of his intentions, follow through with his orders and leave their posts to be what would later become where Nairobi meets her fate. As they all gather around Nairobi, Gandía takes it as his cue and shoots Nairobi in the head. It is cruel. Fans are sobbing over these shocking details regarding her death.

Nairobi was going to have the child of El Professor. That’s right! Alba Forbes’s character was pregnant with Sergio’s baby. The end of the episode is just plain heartbreaking. Nairobi is in a happier place along with the previously departed. We also get a glimpse of Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Moscow (Paco Tous) and Oslo (Roberto Garcia).

The show is available to stream on Netflix now!