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Is Money Heist still going to release or postponed?

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Netflix’s Money Heist is surely one of the best and most streamed Netflix shows of all time. The show revolves around the professor and his gang of robbers who are named according to different cities all over the world. Money Heist show was originally shot in Spanish, La Casa De Papel, and yet has gained quite the following from its English dubbing over the years. The show recently ended its third season and now it’s supposed to be heading into fourth. However, the COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) outbreak has caused several rumors about the release of the show going around.

So to help clear up to confusion, we bring you good news. The show is all set to air today i.e. 3rd April at 12:30 your time! So, you can finally get some answers to all your curiosities. Because that is one thing we know, Money Heist sure knows how to build up the suspense.

money heist season 4 release

Money Heist Season / Part 4: What to expect

With the makers of Money Heist ending season 3 with quite the bang, there’s one question lingering in everyone’s mind: What will the fate of their favorite gang of robbers be. Again, we will not disclose any spoilers on what happened at the end of season 3 for anyone who hasn’t gotten there yet. But, let us talk about all the teasers Netflix has added about on their Instagram. With the lives of two of the earliest members of the cast hanging on the edge, we surely need answers.

So, there’s this one poster on their Instagram where all of their robbers, including Nairobi, Denver, and Rio are all pointing guns at one another. Another is a video about the professor and ticking that sounds like a heart monitor in the back. Needless to says, it goes dead in the end. The question is, who’s dying and who’s living. The show has surely only grown more intense since the first season. And with the intensity, comes all the drama. As the crew of the heist grows, they improve and fight to survive being the most sought after criminals.

So, we understand the confusion because of all the postpone in shooting and production because of the Coronavirus. Though, rest assured Money Heist’s Tokio and the gang are returning to you today on your screens.

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