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Skai Jackson takes on the TikTok ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’

Skai Jackson and her friend take on the new Tik Tok challenge #Dont Rush Challenge. They are creating fun videos on social media to pass quarantine together.

Have you been passing your self-isolation time with Tik Tok challenges? Well interestingly, many celebs have been doing the same too. Recently, Marsai Martin indulged in a similar pursuit. She grabbed all her friends namely Storm Reid, Skai Jackson, Eris Baker, Riele Downs, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Kyla-Drew, and Lexi Underwood.

They filmed a version of their own #Don’t Rush Challenge and we are loving it!

How the challenge goes about?

It’s simple and you don’t have to sell your kidney to look glam. Anyone of the friends’ starts off in simple loungewear and then dolls herself up. And then passes on the torch to the next friend. Your torch can be a simple make-up brush or a hairbrush. Just about anything to do with cosmetics and beauty. You have to doll up and then pass on the torch to the next friend in the circle. And the challenge goes on till the circle ends.

This challenge was originally created on Twitter by some Twitter users (@lase_asoloo, @0yindasola, @ur_gurl_iyesha, @SylviaKitenge, @Feranmiii_xo, @toni_aa, and @rellierevival). But since then it has taken up so much attention that it is now being created on TikTok as well. Watch some of my favs here!

Marsai is playing around with the new trend and making her on take on it. She reverses the sequence of events. She and her friends start up looking all dolled up for a perfect lunch or dinner date. They then dress down into comfy PJs, hoodies and sweat pants. She captions her post as:

“Don’t rush, stay home 😉”

This new challenge is a good way of staying together while staying apart! Self-isolation has everyone taking on new routines and challenges, in this case, to break the monotony life has become. So put on your party shoes or PJs and get going!