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Jake Paul reveals a $100K gold chain with ‘Sleepy McGregor’ inscribed

After Conor McGregor called the Paul brothers 'dingbats,' Jake Paul revealed a $100K gold chain with 'Sleepy McGregor' inscribed.

There is been some drama going on between Conor McGregor and Jake Paul, and it has only intensified. Jake recently posted a gold chain that is worth $100,000 which has ‘sleepy McGregor’ inscribed. And to make it worse, it even has a sculpture of Conor after he was knocked out by Dustin Poirier

It all started when Conor called the Paul brothers ‘dingbats,’ in a recent interview with Nick Walshaw. Nick also asked him if there is a possibility that we will see him with one of the Paul brothers in the ring. To that, he replied ‘Never say never’. Logan Paul did not address this situation but Jake Paul was not going to stay quiet. The younger Paul brother decided it was time to say something. It is not a secret that the Paul brothers love Conor McGregor, but everything changed when Conor called them dingbats. Jake took it to the heart and tweeted at Conor. As we all know, McGregor lost the fight and got knocked down by Poirier. And that knockout is what Jake is trying to rub into the UFC fighter’s face.

Jake Paul reveals a $100K gold chain

Jake said in his tweet that Conor has “lost it”. He also said that when we fight, I will further expose him for the fraud he is. Jake then tweeted a picture of Conor after he was knocked out by Dustin and wrote in the caption that:

I had my jeweler custom make me a $100,000 dollar diamond necklace of this frame

At this post, we thought he was just joking, but no. He posted a video of himself with the necklace. His jeweler really came through and wrote in the caption ‘New $100k Sleepy Mcgregor Chain’:

In the video, he said that he got his new Sleepy McGregor chain. He also said that McGregor better win tonight otherwise his career is over. Jake further said, that if he loses the 50 million dollar bet he gave won’t be on the table anymore. In the end, he said:

Don’t choke like you normally do. Sleepy Mcgregor, Night Night

Jake Paul then tweeted that his new offer for Conor is 23 dollars.

He also said that if Dustin wants the necklace he can have it as a gift from Jake.

Honestly, this necklace pretty much calls for war. But, how long will it take for Conor McGregor to recover before he can fight Jake Paul? His horrific leg break does complicate things, so we really don’t know when and if this fight will ever take place.