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Fan Theories About Ozark Season 4 Part 2 Will Give You A Whiplash

Fan Theories About Ozark Season 4 Part 2 Will Give You A Whiplash

And So Will The Part 2

With Ozark season 4 part 1 coming to an end, there have been questions swirling in our heads. There have been multiple theories about what will happen in Ozark season 4 part 2! With big characters in the Ozark universe already dying (or being brutally killed), we’re afraid the main characters will have an unfortunate fate as well.

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There are theories on Reddit and most of them involve the Byrde family dying. The main one being Marty Byrde

Everyone thinks Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) will have to die, unfortunately. One user ‘deathfox919’ on Reddit wrote:

“There’s no way both Marty and Wendy make it out alive. One of them is gonna go, I feel like either Wendy will finally go toe to toe with Darlene and loose, or she’ll take out Marty for trying to better the chances of the family making it out in a power trip. Also Ruth will make it out of this. She’s seen and done enough that she’ll know how to make it out.”

Some people are comparing the character of Ruth (Julia Garner) to Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), he was a partner to the main Walter White (Bryan Cranston), ended up learning his tricks but eventually got out of it. Jesse lost his respect for Walter White when he realized his interests were far different from his own. Something that we see happening with Ruth and Marty multiple times.

One person, SatisfactionNo8233, pointed out how Marty’s character was downgraded over the seasons as Wendy’s character became more intense and highlighted:

“Ok somebody level with me here. So in season 3 there was a whole a** episode or two where marty gets tortured and unlocks this obsession with “winning” and killer instinct and everyone gets scared and worried, because as ben points out “he talks like marty walks like marty but that aint marty”. There’s even a scene where his wife calls him and without any thought he ignores td outta the call, he threatens to kill the leader of the mobs son, basically what I’m saying is he went back to season 1 pre Mason Marty and turned to straight up no f’s given savage… For about 25 minutes.

And then for the rest of the show a pulls a tyrion lannister and becomes a wimpy a** side character for Wendy.

So I’m on episode 1 of season 4 and i just gotta ask, did that whole torture arc, gangsta marty thing just get thrown out the window? What was the point of the backstory and omar saying marty is just like him if all marty ever does now is simp?

Im confused! I miss gangsta marty!”

If the showrunners stick to Marty’s character as he is currently, then he might end up dead. There’s a potential possibility that Wendy (Laura Linney) ends up in jail and Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) and Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) run away to another city with new identities.

Plus, statistically speaking, these dark dramas never end with a truly happy ending. One of the Byrdes will probably die.

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The Jonah Theories

Jonah Byrde had a major character development arc in Ozark season 4 part 1. We saw him not forgiving Wendy for killing her own brother, also his Uncle Ben (Tom Pelphrey). (Why do all fictional Uncle Bens have to die anyway?)

There are some theories about Jonah as well, one Reddit user ‘sixtus_clegane119’, wrote:

“Jonah is going to be a hero and finally kill someone at the end.”

Another user, johax84, added to the Jonah theory, implying that he might kill Wendy:

“Jonah might kill Wendy in the end? He seems to start discovering her really dark sides.”

Another theory, which was rather hilarious, was where Jonah takes over the cartel. This was made by user ‘_F_S_M_’:

“Everyone dies and Jonah takes control of the cartel as “Omar Navarro.”

This is why I do not write television.”

Another user ‘doctorstranger0101’ also thought of Jonah taking over the entire operations of his parents. Marty and Wendy may die and Jonah takes over everything. Ruth will survive. However, this theory incorrectly predicted the survival of Wyatt.

“i think the whole series has built up to Jonah playing a major role in final season. Marty will die and Jonah will take his place and avenge his death? i can totally see this happening. He has matured a lot in all the seasons. Ruth will make it out alive for sure. Wendy will die. Charlotte i am not so sure.. maybe she joins Jonah and they both actually take over from what their parents started. Ozarks is more about family rather than drugs and money. Darlene will die for sure. Wyatt will survive. So pumped up for new season !!!”

To this, Kellyb333 added:

“Very games of thrones – Jonah takes over everything”

Oh God, please don’t give us another disappointing ending to a brilliant show. I still haven’t recovered from the ending of Game of Thrones.

A rather dark ending made by ‘DaveSteel’ was Jonah actually killing his own mother, Wendy:

“I think Jonah will partner with team local (Darlene/Wyatt/Ruth). He is mad at his parents and will help them launder money.

Wendy keeps trying to do her political thing. That’s the only storyline I see her having that could be interesting.

Marty tries to keep things going and finding a way out. In addition he has to help Navarro secure his families wealth.

Jonah kills Wendy, Charlotte kills Jonah (repeating what her mom did) and Marty and Charlotte move to Australia.”

The Mel Stattem Theories are compelling

There is a theory circulating on Reddit that Mel Stattem (Adam Rothenberg), the mysterious PI that popped up who is working for Helen’s husband, is actually working for Omar Navarro. The reasoning is that Mel might have gotten Maya’s number from Navarro. And that he actually knew where Charlotte and Jonah were hiding, something that Navarro somehow knows when he talks to Wendy in jail.

One user druucifer says this is a good theory but it has some problems:

“The only thing that makes me not 100% on board with it is the fact Erin mentions to Charlotte that he actually was hired by her dad. Now, that doesn’t completely rule out that they are working together. We don’t know what Helen’s husband does, but he could also work for or have connections to Navarro or Mel could have somehow made himself known to the husband and offered his services.”

Another user pointed out saying:

“Erin mentions that her dad hired a PI. No name. Also I’m the last scene Mel says he’s looking into Marty and Wendy. Not Helen. He isn’t what he seems, but what he is isn’t obvious yet. There’s definitely some slight of hand going on regarding what he’s doing. His prominence alone plotwise kind of precludes him looking for Helen being the only thing. He’s going to do something critical at a critical moment in 4.2.”

There’s another theory! What if the Mel we know killed the real PI that Helen’s husband originally hired. What if Mel was working for Omar Navarro all along?!

Plus there’s a theory that he and Agent Maya Miller will partner up to take the entire Byrde family down:

At the end of Ozark season 4 part 1, we see Mel call Maya Miller and tell her that he’s a big fan of her Omar Navarro arrest. If they team up, then it’s really bad news for the Byrdes. Maya knows the Byrde family was involved with a drug cartel and laundered money. And she doesn’t really have any soft spot for them at this point. Plus, Maya is only concerned with doing good, even if it means going behind her boss’s back. So, she might just make an alliance with Mel Stattem.

A gray ending for Ozark season 4 part 2 with no winners and losers

Perhaps my favorite theory is by this Reddit user ‘Vtei_Vtei’. This was before season 4 part 1 of Ozark came out, and the user actually predicted Wyatt’s death.

“I really feel like they’re going to go for an ending with no clear winners or losers, and with everyone who was even remotely involved in this conflict being worse off.

I expect Marty and Wendy to survive, weirdly enough. And I think it’ll end up with Jonah dead somehow (money’s on Darlene imo) after f*cking up the laundering for Ruth, and then M/W have to deal with the pain for the rest of their lives, possibly in prison or on the run in Mexico.

Charlotte will probably go to jail for being the older child.

Maya will just be straight up killed by the cartel, there’s no way the “deal” in the trailer actually works out.

Ruth will probably survive, but with Wyatt dead. I’m imagining a sort of broken life either on the run or right back where she started in the trailer home, but with no family left.

Idk I’m feeling a super dark ending coming up.”

Or a very dark ending for Ozark involving Marty and Wendy Byrde taking over the Navarro Cartel

In Ozark season 3, Wendy and Marty were stuck in a difficult position and Wendy suggested that they just kill Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) and take over his entire cartel. Of course, that plan went out of the window when Helen was killed. And now we also have to worry about Javi Elizondrio (Alfonso Herrera).

But the Byrdes might end up letting Ruth face Javi by herself and let that situation sort itself out. And then they take over the Navarro cartel by getting rid of Omar Navarro. It’ll be tricky considering he’s in a FBI jail cell but the Byrdes are known to pull off insane plans.

If this happens, Charlotte and Jonah might end up leaving the family for good.

And there is also the car crash that we see in the first episode of Ozark season 4.

That might just have been a hallucination. But that might be a sinister hint that the entire Byrde family ends up dying or in jail. The FBI, Ruth, Javi, or the Navarro cartel might have made that car accident happen just as the Byrde family thought they were finally free.

It might not be Ruth because she would do not kill Charlotte and Jonah. But we can’t say the same for the Navarro cartel.

Let’s see what happens now!