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Expendables 4 May Not Happen Despite Its Script, Says Randy Couture

Expendables 4 May Not Happen Despite Its Script, Says Randy Couture

One of the film stars of the Expendable film series has given an update about the next film in the franchise. Randy Couture told that while Expendables 4 sounds like a great film, there is no telling if the movie will actually start filming. The franchise brings together heroes of the 80s like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others in an action-packed blockbuster. All the previous three movies got mixed reviews, but Expendables 3 received generally poor ones and earned even a smaller profit. Perhaps this why Lionsgate will stall the fourth movie, holding on before getting full confidence to go for it.

The Expendables 4 In Development Since 2014

Ever since the release of Expendable 3 in 2014, Expendables 4 has been in discussion since then, with no fruitful outcome. With several reports claiming over the years that the movie will “start filming soon”, there has never been any confirmation on this. Moreover, even Stallone teased the development of the movie a few times, even almost stepping away from the project as well.

Recently, Randy Couture provided an update about Expendables 4 while talking to The Action Elite. He revealed that it was last year when he got the script for the “upcoming” movie.

“It is a thing! I got a script last year and really enjoyed reading it. It was very well done but where we are on the production scale and getting it moving I’m not sure. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes with the producer to make a film that big. So I’m hoping this Spring we get the greenlight but I’m not hearing anything definitive right now.”

Expendables 4 might be a big question mark for many, but there was once a television series planned. Rumours said that Fox was developing but later the channel quickly gave up on it and even that might not continue either. With such lack of motivation perhaps Randy Couture receiving a script of the movie might not be good news at all.