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Saturday Night Takeaway Host Ant McPartlin’s Epic On-Screen Blunder

Who would have thought that this week’s episode of Saturday Night Takeaway would become such a huge blunder? Even the show presenters Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly would not have guessed it. The show featured a big mistake from one of the presenters that might have cost the show a lot of money. While cheering the crowd with their usual messing around, McPartlin made a wrong throw and broke one of the studio-sized handheld cameras.

Ant McPartlin Takeaway Blunder And Then Coverup

In the opening minutes of the ITV show Saturday Night Takeaway, we saw the two presenters messing around in the audience, holding full-size handheld cameras. As the music died down and it was time to officially begin the show, Ant McPartlin decided to pass the camera to the backstage crew members. Now, that pass could have been delivered in so many different ways.

As McPartlin held the camera to give it to the crew member, it seems that he wanted to toss it but he put just a bit too much power into it. The camera went flying and crashed to the ground in front of one of the crew members. Regardless, the Takeaway show must go on!

Looking rather concerned about the broken camera, McPartlin could not take his eyes off of what he did while Donnelly looked rightfully amazed. Fortunately, the two continued with the show and started to cover up what happened. Telling the people behind the camera how it would be fixed if they just “snap” the broken pieces back together.

The Saturday Night Takeaway presenter could not believe what just happened but carried on with the show. Question is, will the cost of the camera come out from the McPartlin’s paycheck or not? Perhaps this was a fake prop and only meant to entertain the audience? What do you guys think about it? Watch the video below: