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Love Is Blind | Potential Alternate Couples

‘Would have been good’ Couples on Love is Blind.

1) Barnett and Jessica.

This is more of a duh! As much as we love that Amber and Barnett had their happy ending, maybe, this wasn’t supposed to be all that. Barnett and Jessica are both somewhat alike individuals as we see throughout Love is Blind. In the pods, they were both confused between choosing. The two had a lot of good comfortable conversations and, both have a knack for having things a certain way. Not to mention Jessica’s back and forth with her decision the entire show.

2) Giannina and Mark.

Passionate. That’s one word to describe these two. Giannina and Mark were both rejected at the altar. It was heartbreaking. And while we hear that Giannina and Damien may still be dating, it is no doubt that the back and forths between them are pretty off-putting. Whereas we believe that Mark, is a sensitive man who tries everything in his power to make it work. So, if Giannina and Mark were put together on Love is Blind, they may have been a hell of a couple!

3) Damien and Amber.

Damien is a guy who knows what he wants. He’s mature, confident and is amazingly hot. Love is blind did have a thing for good-looking guys. Amber herself, being an ex-army, is an extremely tough person. Put two and two together and voila! But, owing to the fact that Damien is not afraid to turn a woman at the altar and exactly stating why we’re a little bit iffy on where he may finally draw the line to his confidence.