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Exclusive Interview With 30 Miles From Nowhere’s Carrie Preston

Carrie Preston is known for her outstanding work in True Blood, Claws, The Good Wife, Crowded, and The Good Fight. She is an American actress, producer, and director. She also played an incredibly creepy character in the horror flick 30 Miles From Nowhere. As part of Dankanator’s exclusive interviews with the cast and crew from 30 Miles From Nowhere, here is our interview with the talented Carrie Preston.

Let’s see what Carrie Preston had to say about the movie.

Q1) What was your experience on the set of 30 Miles From Nowhere?

Q2) How did you prepare for the role of the antagonist?

Carrie Preston 30 Miles From Nowhere
Source: IMDB

Q3) Just like Benedict, you’re well acquainted with the horror genre. Do you prefer to play roles in this genre?

I don’t think of the roles that I play as being a part of any particular genre, per se. I just think of them as people in what are usually complicated situations who are trying to live their lives in the only way they know how. But I will say that this particular genre, the thriller comedy, is right up my alley. I enjoy doing comedy and I also enjoy giving people a bit of a jolt every now and again.

Q4) If you had to pick out any other role for yourself in the movie, who would it be?

Carrie Preston
Source: IMDB

Q5) What were the most difficult scenes to do in the movie?

I would say the scene outside that involved a shovel and a gun and a lot of dialogue gave me a lot of challenging and juicy things to juggle!!

Q6) What did you think about the ending?

I think the ending gives the audience a lot to talk about and to digest, which is the mark of a really fun, intellectual, and successful thriller. I hope the audience enjoys contemplating it as much as I enjoyed doing it!