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Emilia Clarke New Face for Clinique

Emilia Clarke was the perfect choice

While we know that Clinique made an incredible choice, we still wonder why her? Well, the brand is famous for its safe, effective formulas in simple routines to achieve remarkable results. Naturally, they went for someone who was more of a personality than just a pretty face. Here you’ll find Emilia shedding some light as to why she became the global ambassador.

She’s got such a human, emotional, real authenticity to her. She’s funny, she’s honest, she hasn’t shied away from being herself. That sums up the Clinique consumer as well.

Clinique | A Unique Brand

Clinique, which is essentially a subsidiary of Estée Lauder Companies, launched Clinique iD on December 1, 2019. Basically, it is a moisturizer, which realizes that every skin is unique and hence requires a customized approach toward moisturizing. Emilia Clarke represents the brand’s iD product line, and her favorite combo is the BB-gel (base) and orange cartridge, which caters to fatigue. Didn’t get it? Let me break down the entire customize-able moisturizer thing.

Make your own customized lotion

To make a customized product, there are two steps. First, you choose a base – Hydrating Jelly, Moisturizing Lotion, Oil-Control Gel, BB-gel, and Tone-up gel. The second step requires selecting an active concentrate, to focus on a particular skin problem. The cartridges can easily fit in the moisturizers, and pump out a precise dose of product – 90 percent hydration base, 10 percent active concentrate. Green cartridge soothes irritated skin. The blue cartridge is for pores. The white cartridge is to help with uneven skin tone.