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Does Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Final Trailer Point At Order 66?

Does Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Final Trailer Point At Order 66?

The final trailer of Star War: The Clone Wars is out and it is not looking good for the Jedi Order. However, we will get to see the return of one of the favorite characters in the whole of Star Wars, Ahsoka Tano. What we see is an intense spark between Darth Maul and Ahsoka, suggesting that Season 7 is about them. More importantly, there are reports that this season will go well into 2005’s Revenge of the Sith. And you know what that means? Order 66!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer – What Does It Mean?

Guy, you have to watch the trailer before we begin:

sddefault Star Wars,Clone Wars

Interestingly, we will also witness the renowned battles in the franchise, Siege of Mandalore. After killing Maul’s brother, Sidious basically made Maul his pet and it seems that he has told him to stay in Mandalore.

The Clone Wars Season 7 trailer also features Captain Rex. He mentions how his troopers have started to become skeptical about the whole war. Recently, Rex saw two of his strongest men die, Fives and Tup. Both of them said the same thing, that they were being controlled. Fives even discovered what was controlling them. The grim truth of the Grand Army of the Republic bred in Kamino is that the whole facility is secretly under control by Darth Tyranus, aka Dooku. There is a scene where Ahsoka is holding her lightsabers and seemingly protecting Rex as he tries to get up. We like to believe that Order 66 is being carried out at that time. Troops are after Ahsoka, and Rex overcomes chip inside him.

What To Expect From Season 7?

Right now, The Clones Wars reports all suggest that the story will overlap with Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. We even see a pregnant Padme, carrying Luke Skywalker, talking to Anakin through a hologram. Something suggests that the Jedi is about to go do something dark after this. Master Yoda has already seen visions of Jedi fighting troops, with Shaak-tii and several others dying in the process.

Like Darth Maul said, “every choice made has led to this”. The question is not about if we will get to see Order 66, it is about if we will see it with more details. We have seen Commander Cody turning on Obi-Wan, Captain Jag killing Plo Koon and the 327th killing Aayla Secura.

Will we have to relive that nightmare once again?